Honour late President Chiluba

An organisation has been launched to commemorate former President Fredrick Chiluba`s legacy.

Society of Dr Fredrick Chiluba, an organisation that was launched last week, has since requested the current government to honor and respect the former leader by naming institutions after him.

The society considered the fact that  names for roads and others institutions were honorary names in respect of selected individuals with outstanding life achievements, and therefore would prudent if he was also remembered.

Society founder, James Lukuku said that there was virtually nothing put down anywhere in Zambia to show that  the country ever had a president, in the name of Dr Fredrick Chiluba, who sacrificed his life to halt Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s brutal, and exploitative autocracy that enslaved the entire country to fear and lack of freedom.

“We stand to believe that nothing can bury the name of a good man and his legacy, and it is for this reason we launched this society so that he is as well remembered,” he said.

Lukuku cited roads such as Didan Kimath, Thabo Mbeki, Lumumba, Pandit Neru, which were among honorary names in respect of selected individuals with outstanding life achievements.

Lukuku said that the objective of the society was to see democratic functions in accordance with the beliefs and philosophies of Dr Chiluba by fostering freedom of the masses, and as well as democracy.

“For Dr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, we have the Levy Junction, Levy Mwanawasa Hospital, Levy Mwanawasa Stadium and the Levy Mwanawasa Bridge across the Luapula River, connecting the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. We even have Residential areas like Rhodes Park, named after Cecil Rhodes, then what about our second republican President Dr Chiluba,” he said.

He said the committee lined up a number of requests from the government over the issue of remembrance and honour in respect of Dr Chiluba, based on what he had achieved for the nation.

“Dr Fredrick Chiluba’s achievements to say the least, are too numerous to be put down using a pen, and in this in this regard the Society is appealing to the government to identify important infrastructure to be named after our late president,” he said.