I am not retiring says Guy Scott

Republican Vice-President Guy Scott has denied assertions that he is planning to retire and has described insinuation that he has written to President Michael Sata as nothing but day-dreaming.

But senior sources within the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) central committee have told the Daily Nation that Dr Scott is planning to leave the position of republican Vice-President by February next year so that he could spend his efforts on his constituency, Lusaka Central.

The senior Patriotic Front central committee officials and those close to the Vice-President said Dr. Scott had written to President Sata informing him about his pending retirement as the country’s second most powerful man so that he could concentrate on his elective position of Member of Parliament before leaving politics in 2016.

The officials said that Dr Scott informed President Sata through a letter written in November where he gave the Head of State three months notice indicating that by the end of February 2014, he would be stepping down as Vice-President.

“Dr Scott has written to President Sata indicating his desire is to step down as Vice-President and retire from politics by the time the PF would be seeking its second mandate.  I am sure that he is going by month-end of February, 2014. He says that he wants to retire and concentrate in the constituency as it is his last term before he retires from active politics,” the official said.

But Dr Scott has said he has no plans of leaving his position as Vice-President and that the assertion that he was intending to abandon his long time friend, President Sata were not true.

Dr Scott has told the Daily Nation that at no time did he hint to anyone that he was planning to retire from activie politics because he still had a lot of work to do for the country and his constituency.

Dr. Scott said that he had no intentions of stepping down or retire as Vice-President of the Country and the Patriotic Front government because he had unfinished business with Zambians.

He said that people insinuating that he wanted t o retire from the position of Vice-President were merely day-dreaming.

“I am not retiring anytime soon. People saying that I am retiring are day-dreaming. Ba panga maloto ya muzuba (they are dreaming during the day). It is a non starter, ni maloto chabe yamene bapanga,” said Dr. Scott in Nyanja after he was asked to confirm whether he had written President Sata informing him about his intention to retire by February, 2014.

Dr. Scott demanded that the reporter should disclose his source of information  as he had not discussed the matter with anyone.

“There is no substance in that.  Write what I am saying. It is a non starter.  It is just a dream, day dreamers will say such things,” said Dr. Scott.

Meanwhile Dr Scott has promised Zambians a better life and more opportunities in the development of the country.

The Vice President said that the PF government was committed to improving the livelihood of the people in the country.

He said that next year the PF government would preoccupy itself in ensuring that it creates employment opportunity for the unemployed people, restructuring and other commitment in making the life better for a common Zambian.Dr. Scott said that the PF administration was on course to make the lives of common Zambians better and respected.Asked to comment on the crisis at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) as a result of the dismissed nurses, Dr. Scott said that government would address the matter in the next three months saying that if no change will be made to improve the desperate situation at the institution it would mean that the PF had failed.“I do not want to comment on the matter because the deputy ministers, the President and ministers have commented on the matter already. But I can assure you that in the coming next three months you must see improvement at the hospital. If you do not see that with your eyes then call me it will mean that the PF has failed,” said Dr. Scott.


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  1. The vice president would do better to retire from government, he has caused enough problems in the wildlife sector, where he has encouraged his friends only to benefit from the sector. He will be probed by the Zambian people of the right color on his scandals in the sector.

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