I’m reflecting on my future-GBM

Former Defence Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he is in his constituency on a retreat reflecting on his future  and does not wish to generate any contention .

Mwamba who is Patriotic Front (PF) Kasama Central Member of Parliament said that he had taken time off to reflect on his past and the future in order to see what the future need for him.

“I am here with my family. I want to go and check on my land where I want to start farming. I am with my wife, grandchildren and my other relatives. We are having fun, I like infinkubala, I am reflecting on my past and future,” said Mwamba.

He wondered why people wanted to make his resignation an issue when he did it on moral grounds.

GBM said that the heavy presence of armed Police officers in Kasama was creating tension among the people and has since asked government to allow him enjoy his peace after leaving government.

He said that the heavy presence of police in Kasama had created an impression that there was confusion and tension when there was nothing to panic about.Mr Mwamba was speaking ahead of the arrival of two ministers Miles Sampa and Jean Kapata dispatched to meet     with local party officials.

Mwamba said that there was no reason why government should send armed police officers in riot gear as if there was tension or anarchy in Kasama adding that he was enjoying his peace with his family.

“The people are worried about the heavy presence of police in Kasama and they fear it could be because of my presence but I think there is no need to panic. I am getting fillers that some people think I would incite people to violence but for what benefit would I be doing that?  I cannot do that and I am above such politics. I resigned on my own because I had to defend my family,” said Mwamba.

The Kasama parliamentarian said that there was no need for the authorities to get agutated by his resignation from government advising that government should be happy that he had decided to resign because his family was special than political appointments.

He said that the action he took was out of principle adding that mid this year President Michael Sata sent him to Northern Province to discuss the impasse between Bashilubemba and government over the enthronement of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and that the Head of State was aware of what was discussed. Mwamba said that the continued silence and disparaging remarks against the Chitimukulu by government had annoyed the people of Kasama and Northern Province as a whole hence his decision to quit from government.“They have told me that they are not happy with the decision by government to degazette Chief Mwamba as the Chitimukulu. This matter has been discussed at length with the President. But you see people here are asking me as their MP what is happening. There is no answer. I cannot tell them anything because the President has said nothing over the issues and my fear is that when I come back in 2016 to ask for votes they will reject me because it would have meant that I have failed them,” said Mwamba.


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