Teachers union sues four DEBS

The Professional Teachers Association of Zambia (PROTUZ) has sued four Distict Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) for its resistance to make monthly deductions from its members as subcriptions towards the union.

According to court documents obtained by the Daily Nation, PROTUZ is seeking a court order through the district education boards to compel the affected districts to commence remiting subscription to the union.

The four DEBS that have been sued include, the Kabwe, Luanshya, Ndola and Kitwe and PROTUZ is claiming that the four edcuation boards have been frustrating its eforts in collecting subscription dfrom its members.

PROTUZ has membership in Kabwe, Luanshya, Nodola, Kitwe and other parts of the country has has been unable to collect subscritption from its membership of more than 1000 teachers because the District Edcation Boards Secretaries have allegedly been refusing to effect deductions from its members.

PROTUZ has sued the four disctict education boards in Central and Copperbelt Provinces because they had failed and neglected to remit subscription for some of its members who had previously belonged to other unions.

The court documents reveal that the affected teachrs in the districts were still having their subsription remited to their former unionsfor which they had ceased to be members.

PROTUZ through its secretary general Albert Muyembe is claiing that it had spent a lot of money in representing teachers who were its members but whose subscription was being remited to their former unions with whom they had lost representation.

PROTUZ has complained that some of its members were not enjoying the full benefits of the union representation and other services because their subscription was not being remited by the district education boards to the union.

PROTUZ is also seeking from the Induistrial Relations Court a declaration that it was illegal for the named district education boards not to remit subscription from the recruited members of the union.

PROTUZ is also contesting the process being demanded by DEBS in the respective districts in remiting subscription charging that the said procudure being demanded was illegal.

PROTUZ in its affidavts it had recruited a lot of members from the rime the union was formed but that DEBS in Kabwem Luanshya, Ndola and Kitwe had not been cooperative in the remitance of subscription.

Theteachers union said despite some individual members having taken the efforts to inform the employer who was the District Education Board  Secretaries, the DEBDs hd refused and negleced and refused to remit subscriptions.

PROTUZ through Muyembe complained that it had on numerous occasions attended metings to discuss the remitance of subscription from its members but that there had not tangible results from the said meetings.