GBM shocked

“I am shocked and disappointed that my own party can treat me in this manner when I have not committed any offence apart from resigning from my ministerial posistion on a matter of principle,” says former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Mwamba said this after he was blocked from featuring on a live phone in radio programme on Radio Mano when over 50 armed paramilitary police officers in riot gear, surrounded the station.  He said police action was surprising as he still thought of himself as a member of the patriotic front which he loved.

And officials at Radio Mano have complained of heavy police presence at the institution saying the action by police to besiege the radio station was aimed at intimidating and suffocating the media.

“They cordoned off the entrance to the radio station to the amusement of  passersby and residents. So he did not come to the station, however, he was able to talk to us on phone while armed paramilitary police kept vigil of the station,” the official said.   Over 50 paramilitary police officers in riot gear were yesterday morning deployed at Radio Mano where the Kasama parliamentarian was scheduled to feature on a radio interview to discuss among other things the vision for Kasama, his decision to step down as Defence Minister in President Michael Sata’s government and his future in politics. “There were only a few things I wanted to talk about concerning my resignation, my future and the vision for my constituency. I didn’t want to talk about Mr. Sata, he is my President, and I have respect for him. Should I be treated like a foreigner for resigning?” wondered Mwamba.

Mwamba said that it was surprising that people he worked with were fighting him over his resignation from government, saying that he was not the first one to have taken such a decision in the history of the country.

Mwamba said that he was confident that soon the episode of his victimisation would come to pass because he had not done anything wrong.

In an interview from Kasama, GBM told the Daily Nation that he did not want to cause confusion and contention in his constituency and that some people were looking for reasons  to blame him for confusion and he had therefore decided to cancel the programme and went back home and continued with his daily activities. On Monday last week, Mwamba resigned from his ministerial position as Defence Minister citing differences between him and President Sata over his relationship with the newly enthroned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, Henry Kanyanta Sosala.

“I was scheduled to feature on Radio Mano Community radio station this morning (yesterday) at 10:00 hours but as I was preparing people in the constituency informed me that I cannot go to the Radio Station because over 50 paramilitary police officers in riot gear have been deployed at the station while over hundred have been planted along the road leading to the station. The situation is very unfortunate that I am being treated like that.