More corruption under PF

There is more corruption in the Patriotic Front government than ever before in the history of the country because President Michael Sata has no capacity to fight the vice, says Alliance for Better Zambia president Fr. Frank Bwalya.

Fr. Bwalya cited single sourcing in the road construction sector, the corrupt procurement of fuel and fertiliser for the country, saying President Sata had failed to show leadership in the fight against graft.

He said President Sata was a completely different man with no political will to fight corruption compared to the man many Zambians had believed could bring change because of his campaign focus which was based on the promotion of good governance and the fight against graft.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Fr. Bwalya said that it was clear why Zambians had second thoughts about  making Sata a President because of his lack of political will to fight graft and lack of credentials of leadership.

“It is very clear that the PF I associated with, the leaders I interacted with before the elections in 2011 and before they formed government is a totally different PF. They are totally different leaders that we have in government today. There has never been any kind of transformation on their party or any form of mutation. All I can say is that their true colours have come out and we now know the frauds that they are,” said Fr Bwalya.Fr Bwalya said that corruption under the PF government had become rife and uncontrollable because the leadership seemed to be defending people alleged to have committed crimes of corruption but were close associates of the appointing authority.He explained that people who wanted to fight corruption and those claiming to be allergic to corruption would not apply double standards in their approach to the graft fight like President Sata was doing.He cited the dismissal of two of his deputy ministers who were only fired after the Auditor General cited them of wrong doings in relation to the abuse of the Constituency Development Fund.