GBM goes to court

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has given government and the Food Reserve Agency a 72 hour ultimatum to revoke the cancelation of a transportation contract reportedly decreed by President Michael Sata or face him in court.

Meanwhile FRA has failed to explain the sudden cancellation of Arizona Transport contracts.

In an interview Mwamba said the hostility he was experiencing from the party was aimed at intimidating and silencing him into submission.

He said cancelling or terminating all contracts signed was political and aimed at crushing him and his family.

“I have decided to give government and FRA an ultimatum of  72 hours in  which  to revoke the cancelation of the contract for transportation of goods and services offered  to FRA failure to which I will be left with no option but to sue and they will have to pay me huge sums of money,” said Mwamba.

Mwamba said that the decision by government and FRA to cancel contracts awarded to one of his companies Arizona Trucks was political and had the potential of disrupting the smooth operations of government.

Mwamba wondered why his family business had to be involved because of his resignation, saying that it was unfortunate that the ruling party had easily forgotten its past and his contribution to the successes of the party. Mwamba reminded the Patriotic Front leadership not to forget where they were coming from and how his business suffered at the expense of sustaining the then opposition party financially, when many of the members who were talking now were nowhere to be seen.

He said that it was unfortunate that his decision to step down from President Michael Sata’s cabinet had created a serious misunderstanding, which was not supposed to be the case as he had resigned on a matter of principle.     Mwamba said that it was unfortunate that the PF, a party he helped and supported with all his heart at the expense of his family welfare was now scheming to crush him by terminating contracts awarded to some of his companies.

Mwamba recalled that this was not the first time such had happened to him and his family where his family business had come under fire from those in leadership, but warned that this time around he would drag government and the FRA to court if they did not revoke the cancelation. He said that he had done nothing wrong by stepping down as Defence Minister because he had not agreed with cabinet on the issue of the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu. Mwamba said that the PF should not drag his family business into politics, adding that Arizona transport was a company for his children and his wife,” And this is why I am saying that it should not be dragged into my political battles. This is the same company and family that sacrificed for the PF.”