PF youths vow to defend GBM

Patriotic Front (PF) youths in Lusaka have charged that it would be suicidl for the ruling party to expell former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba because the Kasama Member of Parliament was not only a household name in the Zambian politics but had greatly contributed to the victory of President Michael Sata and the party.

The PF youths have vowed that the would fight against the expulsion of Mwamba because without him, the PF was still going to be in the opposition.

The PF youths have warned that the 2016 general elections would be easy for the ruling party without Mwamba and have appealed to President Sata to immediately reconcil with the former Defence Minister because he was an asset that could not easily be rebeled against.

PF Lusaka district youth vice chairman Benja Siwila said the people caling for the expulsion of Mwamba and Lusaka Province chairperson Maggie Mumba were oportunists who had not contributed anything to the party.

Siwila said Mwamba and Mumba were among the cream in the PF and that the ruling party could not afford to lose members that had made the party to be what it was today.

Siwila said the Kasama parliamentarian was an influential man in the politics of the country and that it would be a mistake for President Sata to frustrate him out of the ruling party.

He told the Daily Nation that President Sata and those who were calling for the expulsion of influential members like Mwamba and Mumba should know that the ruling party won the 2011 general elections because of the youth vote and that the same young men and women were angry that a group of people were trying to hijack the party.

Siwila said there were senior central committee members that had roundly been rejected by all organs of the party and that it was such leaders who were supposed to leave the party because they had managed to divide the ruling party all all levels.

“As youths in Lusaka and some other parts of the country, we are extremely saddened by the developments in our party. Ba GBM (Mwamba) has been a household name in the PF and everywhere else in the country and we cannot afford to to the elections in 2016 without this man. What is annoying is that those who have caused so much damage to the party are the same people calling for the expulsion of influential leaders like Mwmba and Mumba. We are not going to allow this and in case they have started thinking we are down and out, the have it wrong because we are going to make sure that they leave our party,” Siwila said.

Siwila said the PF would have a bigger challenge in 2016 because of the wrangles that have rocked the ruling party stating that the leaders had stopped thinking about mobilising membership because they were preoccupied with schemes to purge their percieved enemies.

He said the youths had resolved to protect Mwamba because they knew how much he had done for the party.

Siwila said the people who built the PF were being frustrated and that those who were scheming to take over the ruling party should know that they woulf not find it easy to do so.