Chellah’s verbal attacks continue

George Chellah, President Michael Sata’s press aide yesterday continued with his virulent verbal attacks against the Daily Nation reporter Wallen Simwaka, this time telling the reporter that he had failed in journalism and should go back to printing, his initial trade. 

Chellah who Tuesday verbally assaulted Simwaka over a story quoting former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who had suggeted that President Sata terminated his maize transportation contracts after he had resigned from government yesterday slandered Simwaka describing him as a man who had failed to make a mark in journalism

In an SMS sent from his airtel mobile line, Chellah boasted : “I left the Post Newspaper as assistant news editor. This was after my return from Harare in Zimbabwe where I successfully established the first Post Bureau in the region. I was only 25 years at the time. So please clarify your misrepresentation in your story assuming they were not deliberate. It’s not my fault that you are still a cab reporter in your 40s. God rewards hard work, honesty and not malice.”

Chellah went on to abuse the journalist: “Simwaka, I was and will always be a better journalist than you. Get that into your old head and stop hating. What you are attempting to do now cant even come any closer to my early stages of practice at the Post. Act your age and save us the shame as members of the journalism fraternity. Clearly journalism has failed you, you better get back to printing. I look forward to your releasing this text in your newspaper tomorrow. Hopefully you will report accurately this time. Your desperation is laughable. Happy New Year,” Chellah wrote in his SMS.

And when Simwaka responded telling him that his message was very inspiring, Chellah retorted again: “Yes you better be inspired especially that you are approaching retirement age. Grow up! If you cannot inspire us professionally, at least inspire us character-wise or with your behavior, you are far older.”