Livingstone City Council in financial scam

A scam has been unearthed at the Livingstone City Council where senior officers are alleged to have misapplied a grant meant for salaries for workers for personal gain.

According to the information obtained by the Daily Nation, the senior officials fraudulently diverted a grant which was meant for workers’ salaries by purchasing three personal vehicles without following tender procedures.

Sources within the council have disclosed that between the months of June and September 2013, the central government released a salary grant for workers but the named officials decided to purchase three vehicles contrary to what the grant was meant for.

As a result of that decision, workers at the Livingstone City Council staged a protest without knowing that money meant for their salaries was diverted by their supervisors.

“When the council had a meeting on December 23, 2013, the issue came out because Councillors wanted to know how the three vehicles were purchased since there was no council resolution to support the purchase.  It was discovered that the vehicles were bought under a grant for workers’ salaries which came from the central government.

The vehicles which were bought were two Nissan Navaras and a Pajero which are being used by the directors while the Pajero is parked.

The procedures were not followed. Even if they got a loan from the council, there are terms and conditions which should have supported that,” the source said.

And it has been discovered that during the same council meeting on December 23, 2013, the Town Clerk and all her directors were excused from the meeting so that junior officers present could examine the matter.

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