Nullification of seats exposes Judiciary

The continued nullification of seats in parliament is a political indictment against the judiciary which is participating in politics by changing the will of the Zambian people, political activist Dante Saunders has said.

Saunders said that elections could not be replicated by judges sitting in the Supreme Court, where they made decisions affecting the electorates.

He said that the integrity of the judiciary and Supreme Court has been questioned following the continued tenure of office by acting Supreme Court chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

The PF government did not follow the judicial procedure from the beginning instead they wanted to show Zambians that they are more powerful than the judiciary, he said.

“People are not happy with the way the judiciary has been compromised and there is no justice in our courts of law these days,” said Saunders  he said it was now easy to see why most seats belonging to opposition MMD have been nullified by the judiciary.

He said that it was not fair that the judiciary should be controlled by government.

“The government targets opposition members of parliament so that it can reduce and weaken the opposition in the House,” he said.Saunders said that only the constitution could help put things in place.

“I would like to see judicial reforms implemented the way the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Zambia police operate,” he said. Commenting on the country’s economy, Saunders said it was ridiculous that the cost of doing business in the country was very high.

“Big companies are closing every day because there is no future for them as the cost of doing business is crazy,” he said.He said the ordinary Zambians on the streets and manufacturers in the country could not compete against goods coming from outside. Saunders however said the PF bad way of doing things should serve as a wakeup call to the Zambians.