Stop behaving like anEmperor, Sata advised

President Michael Sata should avoid the temptation of ruling Zambia by decree and should stop behaving like an emperor because he was democratically elected, MMD director of communications Muhabi Lungu has advised.

Lungu said President Sata’s culture of publicly admonishing his ministers and other senior government officials should be condemned because the people he was humiliating in public were adults and professionals who deserved respect.

Lungu told the Daily Nation yesterday that President Sata should know that the people he was verbally abusing had a limit to which they would tolerate embarassment and that the resignation of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was a sign that many of the cabinet ministers were not happy with the style of leadership Sata was providing.

Lungu who is MMD president Nevers Mumba spokesperson wondered how cabinet ministers were putting up with President Sata’s culture of rebuking them publicly stating that being a president did not mean that one was above any other citizen.

During the swearing in ceremony of Ngosa Simbyakula as Home Affairs Minister at State House on Monday, President Sata openly pit the new Home Affairs Minister against Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili by disclosing intelligence information that the Roan Member of Parliament had doubted the capacity of Simbyakula to manage his new position.

President Sata also openly told off his Home Affairs deputy minister Alfredah Kansembe that he was aware that she was planning to resign from her position challenging her that she had joined politics alone and should therefore resign if she wanted.

Lungu said it was clear that President Sata needed prayers to repent from his dictatorial ways of governing the country and called on Zambians to consider putting the Head of State in their daily prayers so that he could embrace justice and humility.

“President Sata has been using threats and decrees in governing the country and in communicating to his cabinet ministers which is certainly very bad. President Sata is an elected leader but he is bahaving like an emperor. He cannot continue humiliating and admonishing his ministers in public because they are not workers at his house. There is always a limit and a certain degree to which  they will tolerate him and once they stop fearing him, they will walk away and this is what GBM (Mwamba) has done,” Lungu said.

And Lungu said the year 2013 had been a difficult year that saw hieghtened efforts by the PF government to silence the opposition political parties through arrests and the continued nulification of seats by the Supreme Court.

Lungu recalled that it was during 2013 when the Lusaka Magistrate Court was host to three prominet citizens in the names of former president Rupiah Banda, MMD president Nevers Mumba and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who were apearing in the court at the same time for various trumped up charges.

He said the year 2013 shll be remembered as a year when the PF government decided to increase the suffering of the majority poor Zambians by removing subsidies on maize and fuel the resultant of which had been a sharp and suden increase in mealie meal and transport fairs.

He said Zambians would have to remember the PF as a ruling party that cheated them again by collpasing the constitutin making process so that the country could go to the next general elections under the current constitution.

He said the year had also seen unprecedented levels of intra-party violence in the PF that had left Moses Simuwela dead while many other cadres including Lusaka district PF vice chairman Julius Komaki heavily wounded.