Daily Nation diretor harrased again

State Police have continued harassing Daily Nation directors with the latest victim being Pastor Max Nyirongo who yesterday had his home visited for the second time weeks after they arrested and detained Richard Sakala and production editor Simon Mwanza and FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi.

Although the matter has been set for trial on January 10th 2014, Pastor Nyirongo was yesterday forced to give police a second statement after the police officers who had raided his home claimed that they had lost the first statement.

The second director Horace Kamanga has also been summoned to Lusaka Central police.Today a statement had already been taken from him a week ago.

Pastor Nyirongo told the Daily Nation that it was surprising that the police could come back for a second statement and complained that it was strange that police could claim to have lost his statement.

He said the police told him that the docket in which his first statement had been recorded was stolen and that the police had forced him to submit another statement similar to the one he had earlier submitted.Pastor Nyirongo said he did not know what the police were looking for because his home had been searched just days after Sakala was released from Lusaka Central police where he had been detained.They pushed me into giving them another statement and there was nothing I could do but give them another statement similar to the one I had given earlier,” Pastor Nyirongo said.

Pastor Nyirongo said the police had promised that they would return to his home stating that he did not know what they were looking for.