Resolve differences with Bembas, Lozis, Nalubamba advises govt

It will be catastrophic if the Patriotic Front (PF) government will continue antagonising the traditional leadership in Northen and Western Provinces and fail to amicably resolve the problems that have been created in the two regions, senior Chief Bright Nalubamba has warned.

Senior chief Nalubamba has charged that it was only a foolish politician that would allow and watch the problems in Western and Northern Provinces degenerate into serious disagreements.

Senior chief Nalubamba said the problems in Northen Province where President Sata has refused to recognise Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and the never ending tension between government and the Lozi people of Western Province called for level-headedness and wisedom to resolve.

Senior Chief Nalubamba becomes the first to have broken the silence over the differences government and the Bemba and Lozi people among the traditional leadership in the country and said he had watched with great concern the sad happenings in the Bemba chiefdom and the Barotse Royal Establishment where government had decided to adopt antagonism as a way of resolving the problems.The House now headed by Chief Nkomesha has remained extraordinarily quiet over the impasse between President Michael Sata and the Bemba Royal Establishment and neither has the House commented on the events in Western Province where many citizens including the former Ngambela, Clement Sinyinda were arrested and charged with treason but were later released on nolle prosequi.He said in a statement obtained by the Daily Nation that it did not auger well that government was seen to be promoting chaos instead of peace and development in the the two regions.

He said Zambia did not have to wait for the intervention of the United Nation (UN) to resolve the problems in Western and Northen Provinces which had a potential to develop into a major catastrophe if politically badly handled.The traditional leader said Zambia was blessed with a pool of wise and prominent citizens who if properly called upon to resolve the problems of such magnitude, would amicably resove the differences between government and the traditional leadership in the two provinces. Senior chief Nalubamba has appealed to government to quickly and collectively bring together men and women from th church and the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), political parties and the traditional leadership to find a lasting solution to the problems in the two regions.

“…and so, it will be a foolish politician who will allow and watch the probles in Wstern and Northern Provinces develop into a civil war and such would be a narrow minded leader. Zambia has a pool of wise and priminent citizens who if properly called upon could easily resolve problems of this maginitude and avoid a major catastrophe which could be caused by the silence government has exhibited. Lokking at it from a traditional point of view, the problem in both provinces are no longer the concern of the PF government alone,” senior chief Nalubamba said.

He explained that he had decided to inlude political parties in his apeal for a lasting solution to the problems in Western amd Northen Provinces to because he realised hat Zambia belonged to all citizens irrespective of their political affiliations and could therefore not aford to be narrow-minded.

“We need peace and progress and development in this country. We lose nothing as brotyhers and sisters if we swallow our pride and arrogance and fight the devil dividing us. Political parties will come and go but Zambia will always be there,” senior chief Nalubamba said.

4 thoughts on “Resolve differences with Bembas, Lozis, Nalubamba advises govt

  1. Indeed Chief Nalubamba you are a real man, areal Zambian. Long live our Chief Honourable Nalubamba . Your Royal Highness I always admire your wisdom. Please continue speaking peace so that the blind can see.
    GBM has scored. that is why blind loyalist are jumping up gown. Zambia has failed to develop because there is so many wet blankets who always mislead our presidents just to fattern their pockets. No interest at heart. We must start changing this kind of behaviour.

  2. Rumours to the effect that Ba Sata has set up a team of OP’s to investigate Freedom Fighter Lewis Changufu will merely serve to spread the battle field in Northern and Luapula Provinces. Mr. Changufu merelt suggested to establish a forum where the PF and the Bemba Royal Establishment can resolve problems amicably.

    We wonder which village is the authentic home for this reckless President. It is amazing how this President has damped tenets of Govt administration through the Rule of Law into the flooding Songwe River somewhere north of Nakonde. May be this time around the Bemba Chiefs have concrete evidence of Sata’s original home in this part of Africa.

  3. Senior chief Nalubamba is a wise chief. He is always concerned with the affairs of the Nation. When Chief Nkomesha was being threatened by president RB, he is one of the traditional rulers who spoke out. The duty of the government is to support traditional rulers who have been installed by the people responsible.

  4. Which key politician is deliberatly not resolving the two problems Nalubamba is talking about? It is sata. Who is foolish then? Who has defamed the president then? Why then areest father Bwalya? Or maybe Chief Nalubamba is very right that someone we all know is is foolish by ignoring these problems.

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