PF cadres in land battle

There was pandamonium in Lusaka when Patriotic Front (PF) cadres temporarily took control of the central business district of Lusaka and attempted to grab a parking lot at the town centre with the immeidiate intention of turning the place into a trading centre.

There was physical conrontation between the PF cadres led by the Lusaka centre PF chairlady only identified as Charity and her chairman and the many shop owners at the city center just directly opposite Radian Stores as cadrees attempted to force themselves on the little space which has been a parking space.

The confrontation was surprisingly taking place right at the door step of the police post at the area and sevral shops were forced to close as the battle between the cadres and the shop owners raged on.

The PF cadres most of them stupified and inebriated did not care about the presence of the police shouted obstinities at the police and bystanders and the situation became chaotic when a hoarde of cadres lifted a more thanĀ  four tonne garbage bin to drop it upside-down.

Police had to call for re-enforcment as the unrully cadres pelted shop owners with any form of misilles they could lay their hands on and the battle that lasted for close to 45 minutes was only stopped after a plantoon of armed paramilitary officers arrived at the scene.

One of the shop owners only identified as Charles told the Sunday Nation that it was frightening to conduct business in town because the cadres had all the powers to grab any shop at any time without fearing the law.

Charles complained that the cadres wielding all manner of weapons threatened to beat any shop owner that would resisit their decision to turn the car-part into a trading area.

He explained that the cadres ordererd the owners of the cars to move out of the place and started demarcating for themselves plots to erect trading stalls but this was met with strong resistance from the shop owners.

Lusaka police deputy commissioner Nelspn Phiri confirmed the arrest of three people but could not state whether they were cadres.Phiri said a horde of people invaded some plac in town and started demarcating portions of land and allocating them to themselves as trading places and confusion ensued resulting into the arrest of three people including a woman only identified as Charity who was said to be the chairlady for the market at Lusaka Town Centre.