Police storm PF MPs meet

Plain clothes police officers in Lusaka on Friday stormed a meeting called by some Patriotic Front MPs and Cabinet ministers to reportedly discuss President Michael Sata’s wars’ with Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala.

The officials said that the meeting was aimed at helping President Sata resolve the problems he has created between the Bemba speaking people of Kasama in Northern Province and his government.

They said that the situation in Kasama had become tense and sad because government had turned it into a political battle field against Mwamba and the Bemba traditional leadership.

“People are not happy with the position government has taken especially over the Chitimukulu because President Sata has particular interest in the matter. We are aware that the President wants Luo to be the Chitimukulu, the name the Bembas will never allow or tolerate,

“We have advised the President not to meddle into the traditional issues but he seems determined to have his way and this is a costly adventure,” said the official.

The meeting held at a named lodge in Kalundu residential area was to discuss among other issues the resignation of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and the organisation of the party in Northern Province.

According to top PF officials the meeting wanted to know why President Sata wanted to install Luo, a relative of Chiefs Affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo, as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu which apparently was against the dictates of the Bemba tradition.

“We wanted to find out why bakateka balefwaya ba Luo ukuti babe ba Chitimukulu not ba Sosala. These issues imwe ba Daily Nation expose them like we tell you. Don’t live anything out. Ubu ubuteko nabuwa, ba Sata nabalufyanya infintu sana. You cannot fight traditional leaders all over the country and think that you will win the election or their support especially the Bembas,” said the official.

The PF senior officials who attended the meeting before it was disrupted by the officers told the Daily Nation that plain clothes police officers stormed the lodge and demanded to know the motive of the meeting and the people attending it.

The officials said that the chairperson of the meeting was threatened with arrests if he did not call off their indoor meeting claiming that the gathering was illegal as police did not sanction it.