…as Fr Bwalya regrets campaigning for Sata

Alliance for Better Zambia president Fr. Frank Bwalya has regretted having supported and campaigned for the Patriotic Front and particularly President Michael Sata in the 2011 general elections.

Fr. Bwalya said this upon arrival yesterday from Kasama where he had been arrested and charged with defamation of President Sata.

And National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo junior says President Sata has chosen the bad part of history by fighting his own people.

In an interview with journalists at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Fr. Bwalya said that it was regrettable that he supported and campaigned for an intolerant leadership that was now in government.

Fr. Bwalya has since urged Zambians to emulate the Bemba Speaking people of Northern Province who have shown unity of purpose by supporting and demanding for the leadership to stop separating them on principle.

“The wind of change has come in the Patriotic Front (PF) government, it started in Kasama and it will spread across the country. The wind of change which has come in PF will now spread to Southern, North-western, and Western Provinces before it cuts across to the East before getting to Copperbelt. By the time it will reach Lusaka,” said Fr. Bwalya.

In Kasama,  he said there was no PF, no UPND, no MMD, no NAREP and ADD, because the people in that region had united to defend and protect their interest, “ and as you can see, MMD signed for my bail, NAREP provided the legal service together with UPND and ADD. This is not time to say I belong to this political party, we need unity of purpose especially that we have realised that we have put dictators in leadership. They started with president Hakainde Hichilema and now they are coming for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Elias Chipimo junior said President Sata had chosen the bad side of governance and the people of Zambia will not sit down and watch him run the country that way.

Chipimo said that Zambians would not allow President Sata to destroy the country, saying there was need for the people of Zambia to remain resolved in fighting a good cause.

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