HH asks President Sata to tone down

President Michael Sata should avoid using unpalatable language against citizens when responding to their concerns, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has counselled.

Hichilema charged that the Head of State lacked decorum and civility in his style of communication to concerns by citizens.

Hichilema said he was dissappointed that President Sata had chosen to be sarcastic and rude in response to his letter in which he had asked President Sata to avoid antagonising the traditional leadership.

Hichilema who is UPND president, in his letter, appealed to President Sata to resolve the impasse he had created with the Bashilubemba and accept the decision by the Bembas on their choice of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

But in response, President Sata rudely told off the UPND leader, saying his letter was useless and unconstructive and that if he (Hichilema) wanted, he should consider appointing Henry Kanyanta Sosala the Paramaount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people his Chitimukulu.

Hichilema said President Sata’s response to his letter did not address the issues he had raised but that the Head of State chose to expose his mediocrity by suggesting that the UPND leader should appoint Sosala his Chitimukulu.

Hichilema said Zambians would now have to judge for themselves who was reasonable between him (Hichilema) and President Sata in handling national issues.

He said the letter from President Sata lacked maturity and the language used was unpreesidential.

“You have seen the correspondence between me and President Sata and you have read what he has been writing to me. President Sata would want me to be a ward chairman or be an elected MP before I can offer advice. I do not want to discuss this letter because it has exposed Sata’s calibre and Zambians will have to judge for themselves between myself and the Head of State,” Hichilema said.

President Sata in his letter to Hichilema said he did not owe anybody an apology over the stand-off between government and Bashilubemba. The Daily Nation yesterday published the full letter.

Hichilema said there was no governance to talk about in Zambia as everything was happening at the whims of the President.

He said the governance system had been completely destroyed and that it would take a leadership of strong character to reverse the trend because the entire governance system was under cadres who did not understand anything about how countries were governed.