Scrap ministry of chiefs, says FDD

The Ministry of Chiefs and Tradition Affairs should be scrapped because it is not adding any value to the governance of the country and general traditional leadership, says FFD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.

Mwanza said President Michael Sata would be doing Zambians a great favour by doing away with the ministry because he personally had made it irrelevant in the management of traditional affairs.

“We urge President Michael Sata to scrap the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs as it is not adding any value to issues affecting our chiefs and other traditional leaders,” said Mwanza.

Mwanza said that the ministry had become a drain on national resources, because it has failed to address the many challenges the traditional leadership was facing.

“This ministry is simply a drain on national coffers as it is merely duplicating the work of the House of Chiefs. In fact, the ministry of chiefs has become a source of conflict and disunity between government and our chiefs,” said Mwanza.

He cited a classic example of government fighting Paramount Chief Chitimukulu using the ministry.

“The current impasse between the PF government and the Bemba Royal Establishment over the contested installation of Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people as a source of concern,

“Articles 130 and 131 of the Republican Constitution have sufficiently mandated the House of Chiefs as the body to deal with traditional, customary and such related issues and not the President,” Mwanza said

He said that the House of Chiefs was constitutionally elected body and mandated to look into issues to do with traditional leaders.

“This is should act as an advisory board to government in traditional and customary matters. There is no need to have a Ministry to do the job that the House of Chiefs is already doing,” he said.

He implored President Sata and his government to stop interfering in traditional matters.

He said the President should use appropriate platforms such as the House of Chiefs to resolve differences with traditional leaders. “Let the President stay clear of the installation of Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu,” he said.

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  1. The Ministry of Chiefs affairs is a very important ministry which can deliver development if used properly. The problem we have is that we have sometimes abused it to achieve our personal goals. Listening to Hon Nkandu Luo speaking on what should be done one gets the impression that she knows what is supposed to happen to put things straight in this country, we don’t just know where things go wrong.

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