UTH needs Sata’s attention-Siliya

President Sata should take off time from politicking and address the deteriorating situation at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and other health institutions in the country where lives are being lost due to lack of medical staff, says MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya.

Siliya said instead of persecuting political opponents and individuals with divergent views, Mr Sata should quickly address the tragic situation at UTH and many other health institutions in the country after the sacking of more than 250 nurses by government recently.

And Siliya said it appeared the ruling Patriotic Front government was determined to operate as a dictatorship by arresting political opponents and those with different ideologies about governance.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Siliya asked President Sata to find time and walk through the wards of UTH and see how patients and their relatives were suffering because of the absence of nurses.

Siliya pleaded with President Sata to take keen interest and address the critical and desperate situation in the health sector especially at country’s largest referral hospital, UTH.

“It is only prudent for President Sata to find time and visit UTH and see how the hospital has degenerated into a death trap instead of spending a lot of time politicking and arresting individuals for criticising his government,

“We advise Mr Sata to be bold enough and visit hospitals including UTH and see the suffering resulting from the decision of PF to fire nurses. The situation at UTH is deteriorating and despairing since the nurses were fired. Our relatives are dying because even the remaining staff is over stretched,” said Siliya.

She said that PF must reinstate the nurses immediately and save lives from untimely and avoidable deaths.

“I urge Mr. Sata to show quality leadership as he claims to be a man of action and solve the crisis in all the hospitals and clinics by reinstating all sacked nurses. The current situation is ugly. When something is wrong, it is wrong, pretending that all is well is not good at all. MMD is not in government, PF is and it has to deliver quality services in the health sector and not concentrate on arresting people,” said Siliya.

And Siliya said that the PF did not believe in the  culture of tolerance as could be evidenced in the manner it was using police officers to arrest opposition political party leaders and individuals who were not in support of the PF style  of governance.“The dictatorial tendencies in Zambia have eroded the independence of the media, judiciary and even parliament. The arrest of Fr. Bwalya is the latest step on the road to full dictatorship,” said Siliya.Siliya reminded the PF leadership that even those that crafted democracy believed in the cornerstone of tolerance of divergent opinions even to people they did not like. “It is therefore total abuse of power by President Sata to arrest people for defamation when they criticise his presidency. Zambians are the ones with real power as we in the MMD believe,“It is why even we have come to know that PF leaders have been telling lies over the 90 days’ promises. In the MMD we allowed the leadership of the PF to go on all radio stations to tell lies,” she said.