Kabimba “aleya” pressure mounts

Pressure is mounting for Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to voluntarily step down to allow for comprehensive investigations that will allow his juniors including Solicitor General Musa Mwenye to give evidence without intimidation.

Kabimba has been asked to emulate former Transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya who stepped down to pave way for investigations in the case of alleged  misconduct and  abuse of office under the MMD government.

Acting Lusaka Province youth chairman Julius Komaki said that youths have given the ruling party secretary general 48hrs to immediately resign from his position or be forced out in the interest of justice.

Komaki said since the Kabimba tribunal was already in place, it was  incumbent upon the Justice Minister to relinquish his position to allow for free investigations to clear his name.

“He is Justice Minister, so he knows that it is in the interest of justice that he resigns to allow for investigations over issues raised against him. In fact, two former deputy ministers Ronald Chitotela, Labour and Agriculture’s Rodgers Mwewa were dropped pending corruption investigations,” he said.

And Open Society Foundation executive director Sunday Chanda has said that Kabimba has no choice but to step down now that a tribunal has been constituted to investigate his alleged abuse of office and misconduct on his part.

Chanda a supporter of PF policies and government said that Kabimba must respond to the allegations leveled against him.

And Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi says the constitution of a tribunal to try Kabimba is long overdue and must be supported by all well-meaning Zambians.

Komaki said PF youths in Lusaka have organized mass demonstration in protests against Kabimba’s continued stay in office despite the establishment of a tribunal to probe him.

And Milupi said the constitution of a tribunal was a most welcome development which must serve as a lesson to other overzealous PF ministers.

“The constitution of the tribunal is welcome and we support it because the allegations levelled against Mr. Kabimba are serious.

He said the tribunal should act and serve as a lesson to all other PF government ministers and Members of Parliament who felt that they were above the law and could do anything with impunity.

Petitioners Brebner Changala and Lucky Mulusa want Kabimba investigated on whether or not the letter copied to Justice Chibesakunda and President Sata constituted interference in the independence of the judiciary as guaranteed by the laws of Zambia.

The matter arises from a ruling in which MMD president Mumba was charged with contempt of Court.

It was revealed that Kabimba had used government legal opinion on a PF letterhead which letter was copied to acting chief justice Chibesakunda and President Sata over the nullification of three parliamentary seats held by the opposition.

4 thoughts on “Kabimba “aleya” pressure mounts

  1. Mr. Kabimba should resign on his own but I know in Zambia very feqw people have the courage to do that. That is why to day we saying GBM has demonstrated great maturity by resigning out of principle when he could not agree with his principle officer – mr. sata the way our president is handling Chief Chitimukulu. So with this background . Zambians are demanding that Kabimba resigns his position as Justice Minister with mininmum delay.In conclusion. It appears that my brother Kabimba was so much blinded with the state power in the process foregoing logic procedures guiding him to perform state function with a separate function as Secretary General for PF. I know why this happened like this . Its because the current regime are using the same UNIP style of leadership. So Kabimba as a Legal Counsel should step down because law of precedent has been put in place by PF themselves who ensured Dora Siliya resigned when she was faced with a similar situation. So they shouldnt be difficulties for Kabimba to resign sooner than yesterday.

  2. Hon Kabimba you really need to step down to show a good example as minister of justice. If in your learned mind you strongly believe you did nothing wrong let the tribunal prove you wrong or right. But in the mean time the best example you can set is to step down as it will bring honor to the profession and you will lead by example. Don’t play to the gallery where the president will be forced to fire you , it will be an embarrassment , just follow the rules of the game step down. Don’t delay justice like the son of the former president Banda who has bolted , he is only delaying justice , equally yourself by letting people talk about you all the time you are just delaying justice.

  3. Pressure,pressure should continue/Lusaka and amufulira are sharing the same platform in terms of being denied elections because kabimba,katati john of Mufulira and his minions who were dissolved in 2010 know for sure that they cant win any election.Kabimba is a very bad man just like John Katati.Clinging on tgo power when people dont want you is very bad.Mwale Dominic is popular in Mufulira that John Katati would not win any election if they were to be held today.

    Now the chance has come for him to step down whether he likes it or not,he should step down.You thought you were very cleaver that the law would not catch up with you.Demonstrations are coming again both in Lusaka and Mufulra and country wide.He is not indispensable.He can be replaced.Who is Wynter by the way???????????The party can still survive without him.How did PF survive before he came to join PF in 2009????? We dont want you please leave the two position because of you misdeeds.Abash kabimba and viva SaTA.Mufulira needs election period.

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