Police summon HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has been summoned to appear before Woodlands Police on Monday.

Both UPND officials and acting police spokesperson Ray Hamoonga confirmed that Hichilema was supposed to appear yesterday in the morning but his lawyers, informed police that he would only be available on Monday.

UPND deputy spokesperson for politics Kachunga Simusamba said Hichilema would be appearing at Force Headquarters on Monday around 10:00 hours on a matter that police did not reveal to them.

He said that Hichilema was not frightened by the callout because he was innocent and had not committed any crime against government or individuals.

Simusamba also described the summoning of Hichilema by police as an abuse of power by the PF government aimed at intimidating and silencing the opposition leadership.

“We know this scheme because it is not starting today; it has been there since the PF came into power. They want the opposition to disintegrate and scattere in order to give them leeway in 2016 but we have to warn them that the leadership of the UPND and the entire opposition stand strong to defend democracy and will not allow the PF to rape and divide the nation,” he said.

One thought on “Police summon HH

  1. Mr. President HH. Please know that the Zambian people are behind you in the struggle to make Zambia a better place for all. You are there to give Farmers hope because you are a successful peasnat farmer graduating to a commercial farmer. You are there to give hope to the business community because you are a successful businessmen.You are there to give hope to scholars, researchers, school leavers , graduates because you are successful scholar who believes in the values of education. Northern province , muchinga province is waiting for you. Viva HH , viva GBM , Your combination with you HH and GBM will make Zambians cease to be begars. We want Economic independence.
    HH you the only hope to stop this country going back to UNIP days, UNIP days are back are my prayer is that Iam asking humbly to all peace loving people to stop this trend of going back to UNIP days. VIVA OASIS Forum, Viva HH.

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