HH ready to face police tomorrow

Police are tomorrow expected to arrest United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema on unspecified charges including suspicions that he is funding the church and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which are demanding for the immediate and simulteneous release of the second and final draft of the constitution.
A UPND briefing speculated that HH was likely to be interogated over the abusive letter President Michael Sata wrote to him (Hichilema) asking him to appoint Henry Kanyanta Sosala, the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.
Hichilema has declared that he would wilingly present himself to Woodlands Police tomorrow and has advised police not to panic because he is a law abiding citizen who would never think of runing away from his country. Addressing the press at the UPND secretariate yesterday, spokesperson Charles Kakoma said police harassment of Hichilema had become routine and that the opposition leader was not scared of meeting the police because he already had several trumped up charges that were before the courts of law.
“Hakainde Hichilema is ready and more than willing to go to the police on Monday and our information is that he will be arrested on suspicions that he is the one who is funding the three church mother bodies and the CSOs demanding the immediate and simulteneous release of the draft constitution. We believe the police may also question him on the letter President Sata wrote to him that was published by some media houses. But Sata must know that Zambians are so angry that they would not need fincing from the political parties to demand for what is theirs,” Kakoma said.
Kakoma said the Patriotic Front (PF) government was hunting for cases against Hichilema and that President Sata was of the wrong notion and information that Hichilema as an individual and leader of the UPND was allegedly funding SCOs and the three church mother bodies to agitate for the immediate release of the draft constitution.