I am bitter, says Harrington

“I am very bitter that I had to spend K 65, 000 money from my family and friends to make the office of the chief justice perform its duty,” former Transport Minister William Harrington has said.
It was in national interest, he said, to have Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo investigated on alleged corrupt activities and abuse of public office, therefore there was no need for such money to be spent.
Integrity in the fight against corruption required that institutions of governance operated in the expeditious and non discriminatory manner.
Last month, Lusaka high court judge Dominic Sichinga ruled that the acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda acted outside the law when she failed to constitute a tribunal against Masebo. He described the action as nullity.
The state has since appealed the decision.
“I am a victim of the failure of the office of chief justice to read and to implement the law on issues that should have been addressed in the public interest, and these are elements of serious unfairness,” he said.
In comparison, he said that the tribunal to have Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba be investigated had been constituted in a short period of time.
“I cannot understand why the issue of Kabimba tribunal was done promptly, compared to the Masebo issue that has taken so long to be concluded because of Chief justice Chibesakunda’s failure to comply with a ruling of the high court compelling her to institute a tribunal and thereby frustrating the entire process,” he said.
Harrington objected to an application by the State to stay and thereby delay the institution of the tribunal intended to investigate corruption charges against Masebo.