I will teach PF a lesson

Former MMD Kasenengwa Member of Parliament Victoria Kalima says the Patriotic Front government will not succeed in blocking her from participating in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election because the people in the area wanted her to re-contest.
Kalima who has vowed to teach the PF a lesson, said that the ruling party was vindictive and determined to destroy the democratic tenets the country has gained over a long time now.
In an interview with the Daily Nation, Kalima said that Kasenengwa constituency was a no go area for the PF and the sooner they realised that the better for them to heed to the demands of the people in the area. She said that the PF was a failed project for the Zambian people and it was the reason why they had resolved to unorthodox means of governance.
“They will not stop me from contesting the Kasenengwa seat and I will contest but if they decide to block me through unorthodox means, they will have to face the people of Kasenengwa with a bitter pinch because they will not contain the pressure. Kasenengwa people will not allow the PF to get the seat because they have introduced misery to so many people in the area,” she said.
Kalima said that although it was painful to lose a seat through nullification, she was proud to be MMD because of the many developments recorded under the former ruling party.
“The MMD was a party for the poor and the nobodies; I say nobody can dispute that fact. It was the MMD that introduced the Farmer Input Support Programme which the PF government want disbanded, it was the MMD that introduced the Social Cash Transfer targeting the poor people which the PF government today is boasting about to have changed the lives of t he poor people in rural areas,” she said. Kalima wondered why the PF government today was misleading Zambians that it had delivered development in the two years of being in government when they have failed to even build a small toilet in areas where they claim to be popular.
Kalima has since advised the PF leadership not to be arrogant to the people who voted for them because they had the power to kick them out if they fail to deliver. “Let them address the issue of the constitution, let them address the issue of high prices on food and other things, let them address unemployment levels, let them create an atmosphere which supports unity and dialogue in the country and let them address the issue of the re-introduction of windfall tax and other major issues such as the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel and not to waste funds on induced by-elections,” she said.