Leave GBM alone- Wina

People calling for the expulsion of Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, must stop forthwith and concentrate on helping the Patriotic Front reach the healing process which it has fractured over the last few months, says party national chairperson Inonge Wina.
And opposition UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo says unwarranted attacks on GBM are a ploy by desperate individuals that want to see him expelled from the party.
Lifwekelo advised those who were job seekers in the PF to stop using Mwamba’s resignation as a platform to secure favours from President Sata.
“They should take deep reflection and search their souls as to whether their attacks on GBM are genuine or cosmetic, and if they are in public interest or detrimental,” he said.
Wina who is Gender minister said that calls for the Kasama Member of Parliament’s resignation and expulsion were misplaced, instead all party officials should encourage reconciliation and the healing process in the party.
She said that the leadership had directed that the animosity taking place in Kasama between the party and Mwamba should forthwith come to an end and they must concentrate on building the ruling party.
“We have directed that this kind of behaviour should come to an end forthwith, I need to remind all party officials about the main, or core values of the PF. We are in leadership and we need to act like that. So the calls to force Mr. Mwamba out of the party should cease forthwith and other matters will be addressed by the leadership. Let’s get to work, let’s get to deliver,” she said.
Wina said that calls for the expulsion of GBM by some party officials in Kasama were not helping the party at all, saying that it was time for unity to prevail.
She said that GBM was a member of the PF for as long as he wished to remain so, “Mr. Mwamba has already stated that he is a member of the ruling party and his position should therefore be respected. He is our member unless otherwise. So these calls are neither here nor there.
Mr. Mwamba has the right to decide whether to remain in the party or leave. I must remind our members that it is very possible for one to step down from government and still remain a member of the party,” she said.
GBM stepped down from government two weeks ago after President Sata asked him to choose between his job as Defence Minister and Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of t he Bemba speaking people of Northern Province who is also his grandfather.
Mwamba said that his decision to step-down as Defence Minister was out of principal and not to make government fail.