Muf PF youths reject new DC

The Patriotic Front youths in Mufulira have rejected the appointment of new District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe because of his alleged arrogance and lack of respect for senior party officials.
Mufulira youth chairman Brian Mulilo alleged that Kabwe did not qualify as DC and should not be imposed on the people.
“Our loyalty is to PF and to the Republican President, and we are aware that there are many people in Mufulira who are capable of running the office of DC as opposed to Kabwe, and this is our resolve,” he said.
Mulilo alleged that Kabwe’s appointment was instigated by the party secretary general Wynter Kabimba as he was known to be a ‘Kabimba boy’.
He said the resolution to reject the new DC was arrived at during a meeting where it was established that the district had a lot of people who were eligible to be appointed as Mufulira DC instead of Kabwe.
Mulilo said Kabwe insulted former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba which exposed his lack of respect for senior citizens and the PF party in particular which disqualified him from holding any public office.
He explained that there were many issues currently going on in the party and that appointing Kabwe would be contributing to the various problems the party was experiencing.Meanwhile the youths have joined their Lusaka counterparts in calling for the immediate resignation of Justice Minister Kabimba following the institution of a tribunal to investigate his alleged misconduct.
Mulilo said it would be unfortunate if the PF secretary general insisted on staying in office during the course of investigations.
“We call for Kabimba to resign to allow for proper investigations. He should follow the example of the former Communications Minister Dora Siliya who resigned to allow for the investigations,” he said.
He said the ruling party in Mufulira has appealed to the Justice Minister to leave office as the works of the tribunal would be compromised with his presence.