Leave RB alone – Mangani told

Former republican president Rupiah Banda served Zambia with honour and dignity and those who hate him should accept the fact that he has left a legacy of hard work, humility and reconciliation and should therefore desist from maligning and attacking him, says MMD Copperbelt Publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo.
Mtayachalo said that whether the people who hated him (Banda) liked it or not, the former president did his part when he was in power and deserved the respect other former heads of state were being accorded.
Mtayachalo said that it was not fair that people like Eastern Province PF chairman Lameck Mangani who served as a minister in MMD still harboured corrosive hatred against the former president. “Mangani is not being honest and if they are seeking opportunities in the PF, they must do it without using the name of Rupiah Banda. There is no way Mangani can continue attacking the former president when he served the country with honesty and humility. People must admit that he did his best in governing the country in the three years he was in State House,” he said.
Mtayachalo said the PF government had proved to be the worst government in the history of Zambia in just two years that they had been in power stating Banda only came at a time when the people of Zambia were fatigued with the MMD.
Mtayachalo said that Banda like any other citizen was a bonafide citizen who was free to participate in any national activities adding his participation in national issues should never be a crime. And the opposition ZDDM president Edwin Sakala has reiterated that calling for the opposition political parties to unite did not mean that the former president wanted to come back into active politics.
Sakala said Banda had never made any statement that he wanted to come back to active politics but that his party had suggested Banda’s name because they believed he could easily unite the country.

One thought on “Leave RB alone – Mangani told

  1. I wish to conquer with MMD publicity secretary for copper belt province Yotam Mtayachalo indeed the former head of sate deserves the respect that he should be accorded as former republican president as he served the country with dignity and is a man who upholds democratic principle. Mangani should however, focus on his political career and not try to bring the name of the former head of state into disrepute.
    Further, political parties should unite in the forth coming by elections if they are to win seats and protect the people of Zambia from manipulating the constitution if subjected to the national Assembly.

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