Police harass HH

There was chaos at Woodlands police station yesterday when Police atempted to forcibly grab United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema but quick action by his security personnel saved the opposition leader as he was swiftly whisked away from the Police station where he had been summoned for his residence.
Hichilema who had arrived at Woodlands police station at exactly 10:00 hours to the jubilation of his supportes had difficulties to enter police premises as his cadres who had cordoned his passage refused police to come near him.
The action by the cadres angered the police who forcibly broke Hichilema’s security barrier and surged to physically get at the UPND leader but quick action from his cadres prevented the police from getting to him.
Pandemonium broke up and police were forced to fire teargas after the cadres physically clashed with the police to protect Hichilema who they felt was at risk if left in the hands of the law enforcement officers.
Sensing that their leader was not safe within the police premises, his security personnel whisked him away to his vehicle and was driven back to his residence.
After an hour and asurances of security by the police, Hichilema was called back at about 11:12 hours and soon after he arrived at the reception, the UPND leader refused to proceed to the interview room on account that his safety was not gauranteed.
Hichilema told the police at the reception that he was not going to go beyond the point he had reached because it was clear that the police wanted to harm him and his members.
The UPND leader said he was not an armed robber for the police to have come with guns menacing citizens who were innocent and defenceless adding that the intimidation and fear tactics President Sata was using to govern were only making hin stronger but annoying Zambians who he said had lost the right to assemble and associate.
“President Sata is a brutal dictator and there will be no interview in any room. I have arrived at the police and the interview will take place here at the reception. You have been firing teargas and you come with guns as if I am a robber. Do not allow Sata to achieve his agenda of turning Zambia into a dictatorship. No one can assure me of my security and you have placed snipers everywhere. Whom do you want to kill? Hkainde asked.
At the end, police ironically asked Hichilema to sign a warn and caution statment without an interview and his lawyer Sakwiba Sikota told journalists that it was shocking that the police cautioned his client without interviewing him.
Sikota said the warn and caution statment recorded was based on a statment Hichilema made at a media briefing where he is reported to have said that the PF had sent militia to Kasama to harass Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Frank Bwalya. Hichilema has been cautioned on the offence of publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public under the now famous section 67 of chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.