I will not take my suspension seriously – GBM

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has been suspended from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) on allegations that he had failed to be remorseful for resigning from his ministerial position.
But Mwamba fondly known as (GBM) has said he would remain loyal to the party and President Michael Sata because had not done anything wrong against the party and its leadership apart from resigning from his ministerial position.
“Rules of natural justice demand that any acused person is given an opportunity to explain himself. I am therefore hoping that my party will give me that opportunity before punishing me,” Mwamba said.
Mwamba told the Daily Nation that he had heard that he had been suspended by Northern Province PF secretary Everest Chella whom he said had been telling people in Kasama that he was being guided by President Sata to suspend him (Mwamba).
Mwamba said he would not take his suspension from the ruling party seriously and that he was going to wait for President Sata to write informing him that he was no longer useful to the party.
He however said should President Sata decide that he should be expelled, he would respect the decision of the Head of State and the party in general and leave gracefully.
Chella is said to have been telling people in Kasama that he was being guided by President Sata to suspend Mwamba and the Kasama MP said the Northern Province PF secretary could have been instructed by the Head of State.
Mwamba maintained that his decision to resign from government was on principle and that those who were claiming that he had failed to show remorse should have told him what transgressions he had committed against the party.
He said he would also wait for the people of Kasama to guide him over his next decision should President Sata decide to expel him from the ruling party.
“I have just been told that I have been suspended. I am coming from one of the wards in my constituency and according to what I have heard, they are saying that I have been suspended because I have not been remorseful for resigning from government but I have always said that I left government out of principle. So for me, I will not take that suspension seriously and I will wait for a letter from President Sata to inform me that I am no longer needed,” Mwamba said.
Mwamba said he would continue touring various parts of the constituency because he was still a member of the PF.
He said he was still enjoying the support of his constituency and wondered why Chella had rushed to suspend him from the party.

One thought on “I will not take my suspension seriously – GBM

  1. You are looking like a Fool GBM for staying in a party that wants to sort you out.
    Just resign and destroy them properly.
    Nobody wants Sata and by sticking to him like a fly on shit you are only making people not like you.

    Sata is finished and if you stay with PF then you are finished too.
    People are not going to vote PF in 2016 so run now before its too late.

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