Opposition front

Zambia desperately needs an opposition front to ensure a unity of purpose that will confront and check the degenerating rule of law which now threatens the very integrity and basis of our state hood and national sovereignty that is founded on the constitution.
It is not healthy and certainly a major danger that on the same day two Magistrates recused themselves from presiding over criminal matters brought to court by the Police.
The fact that both matters involved political pressure from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) makes the matter even more serious because it shows serious and totally unacceptable levels of impunity which should be condemned in the strongest terms.
This malaise is indicative of a dysfunctional and compromised criminal justice system that has lost direction and purpose. It is a system that is designed to exact political retribution than defend the rule of law, hence the harassment of political opponent will become more apparent now and in the future.
It is not political alliances that opposition parties must seek but a strategy to defend themselves and protect the common interest of our nascent democracy. The opposition must use every possible strategy and opportunity to defend the cause.
It is a sign off grave danger when a section of the citizenry disregards the rule of law because operatives responsible for the maintenance of law and order and indeed those responsible for prosecution are partisan.
This is evident by the fact that although this country has witnessed some of the most violent intra party clashes in which lives have been lost, individuals have been maimed and property destroyed and yet nobody has been held to account.
Instead Police have moved very swiftly to arrest and prosecute individuals on political cases that had the remotest possibility of generating harm, fear of consternation in the Republic.This is why such elder statesmen as Elias Chipimo senior have added their weight to the serious concern being expressed by the deteriorating rule of law in which Governance institutions such as Police have become partisan and therefore ineffective in policing the nation.
What we have embarked upon is an inexorable path towards a deliberate fracture of Governance systems that protect the common good. That is why opposition political parties must begin to raise the alarm and seek redress before this country sinks below the abyss.
It is unacceptable, inexcusable and indeed a dereliction of duty for Government to fail to show leadership in this very serious display of lawless in which political cadres threaten to take the law into their hands unless the Police act.
Where are the Police?
It is chilling that some cadres in Lusaka’s Matero compound have vowed to deal ruthlessly with their area councilor if police will not hold him accountable for his recent alleged beating of cadres with divergent views.