Sata scared of suspending Kabimba

The tribunal to probe Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba may prove to be a total wasteful and travesty because President Sata has failed to suspend (Kabimba) to pave way for investigations, says political activist Dante Saunders.
The lack of seriousness inspite of the gravity of the matter could be indicative of the dismissive attitude of the administration to the exercise.
Saunders said that the effectiveness of the tribunal could only be realized if the President relieved Kabimba of his duties so that the team was not working under unwarranted influence.
“Stakeholders were calling for the suspension of Kabimba to restrain him from interfering with investigations, and to see how effective the appointed tribunal would be,” said Saunders.
He said that as much as the tribunal was quickly appointed, its effectiveness was doubted on grounds that Kabimba would use his power as justice Minister to interfere with witnesses.
Saunders wondered why the tribunal was promptly appointed, when in the first place the President stopped the ACC from probing Kabimba without his authority.Saunders said that Kabimba’s stepping down would ensure a fair hearing and that people sitting on the tribunal would not be intimidated while his junior officers from the justice ministry would work without fear.“And it appears as if the President is scared of Wynter, because why is he not suspending him, when he is the appointing authority and he (Kabimba) is on record as having said that it is only the appointing authority who can make him step down,” he said.
Saunders said that the fact that the Judges sitting on the tribunal would handle the matter fairly and without intimidation would be based on Kabimba’s resignation Saunders said that the PF government had failed to interpret the law, and accused the president of failing to provide good leadership, which he said was a source of squabbles in the PF.“I blame Sata for failing to show good leadership and it is for this reason there is a lot of confusion in PF.
It is like he is enjoying the differences among his people,’ said Saunders.A four-member team led by High Court Judge Evans Hamaundu has been sworn to probe Kabimba after the initial attempt to have members of the tribunal sworn in by President Sata last week failed.