Stop harassing GBM

Attempts by the ruling PF to destroy the character of former defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya through a scandalous media campaign in some sections of the local media are a very desperate act of frightened people.
In a statement made available to the Daily Nation yesterday, the MMD youths said it surprised them that the campaign was premised on hate and petty jealous by a group of desperate individuals who perceived Mwamba as a political enemy.
“Their lack of reasoning about the issues of free business enterprise in Zambia who qualifies to bid for government contracts is also baffling,
“In their attempts to paint Mr Mwamba as a corrupt and greedy individual, these enemies of progress have succeeded in exhibiting their ignorance and their hate for Mwamba.,” the statement said
They explained that Mwamba like any other Zambian had a fundamental right of association as well as to seek business partnerships with whomever seemed fit.
“Such rights enjoyed Mr Mwamba can never be taken away by a newspaper owner who uses his pages to scandalize selfless individuals,” it said
They said it was shocking that the PF was using a newspaper to scandalize and butcher Mwamba’s business empire when it was evident that the former minister had been in politics for a very long time.
“ The creation of Mr Mwamba’s business empire is well documented and every Zambian knows how legitimate the business is,” it said
The kind of behavior being exhibited by the party in power towards one of their senior members was one that pushed people into vying for presidency as a way of protecting their business interests and avoiding humiliation and embarrassment.
“We challenge those attacking Mr Mwamba to publish the list of all those working in the foreign missions and establish their links to certain key officials in government.
They urged the PF to emulate the MMD and allow democracy to flourish in and around the party.