Andrew Banda canes hypocrites

Politicians condemning former Rupiah Banda’s children for participating in politics and business have been described as hypocrites of the worst order practicing double standards.
Andrew Banda RB’s son said President Michael Sata.s children were participating in business and politics openly without being condemned.
Banda sid it was cheap politicking for some sections of society to condemn him for brokering for a united opposition that would effectively check the excesses of President Sata and his government.
There was need, he said, for the opposition to hold a common position on some matters in order to create the critical mass to make an impact.
Banda said that some newspapers in league with their mercenaries in government had launched a hate campaign against former president Rupiah Banda and his children slandering and demonizing them.
Andrew said his father had been a victim of malice, hatred, vindictiveness and vengeance but that at no time did he ever respond to the numerous attacks on his persona.
“The level of double standards and hypocrisy in my country are just shocking. In this country, it is alright for Mulenga Sata, the son to President Sata to aspire for any position in the Patriotic Front (PF) and do business with his associates but it is a crime for Rupiah Banda’s children to participate in politics or even in business. I know Mulenga Sata and I know he is in business and he is equally aspiring to be Lusaka Mayor as well as Lusaka district PF chairperson. How ironical!” Banda lamented.
Banda said even the children of first republican president were involved in politics and business and yet there was no one who was casting a critical eye on them simply because they were politically correct in the eyes of those who were demonizing Rupiah Banda and his family.
Banda said those against his ambitions and rights to participate in the affairs of the country would have to kill him (Andrew) to stop him from commenting on what was happening in the country.
He explained that he had embarked on a crusade to unite the opposition and that those who were against unity in the opposition were worried because they would lose power in the next election.
He however said the principle of a united opposition should not be anchored on removing the PF from government but help change the economic outlook of the country that had suffered negative perceptions since President Sata and his government ascended to power more than two years ago.
The former High Commissioner to India has castigated Eastern Province PF chairman Lameck Mangani for suggesting that he (Andrew) was spearheading a united opposition to create room for his father to come back into active politics and contest the presidency in 2016.
He said Mangani should learn to survive without using the name of the former president who should be allowed to enjoy his retirement without dragging his name into the challenges the PF was facing in governing the country.
Banda said he started his political career in 1989 and that no one including some newspapers had the right to stop him from participating in the politics of the country.

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  1. Well said Andrew…Keep the fire burning. Opposition need to create unity of purpose before our democracy seizes.

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