Lies anger GBM’s family

Outraged family members of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba have condemned the media campaign of slander, vilification and calumny against GBM and his entire family business interest which they believe is orchestrated from high offices to punish him for resigning from Government.
GBM’s young brother, George Muma Mwamba has complained that most of the information published about GBMs involvement in business was malicious, untrue and meant to demean GBM and his family.
He cited the publication of a catalogue of companies allegedly owned by GBM and his relatives involved in executing government contracts as a pack of lies.
Mwamba wondered why such information was being released now after GBM had resigned from his Ministerial position.
In an interview with Daily Nation, Mwamba said it was clear that information which was published in the Media had malice and ridicule. “We would like to make it clear that we don’t own any of the companies that were published by the Post Newspaper on Tuesday,” he said.
He said Elgrezad (Z) Ltd which the Post said belongs to his wife Mrs. Doreen Mwamba Sefuke was not their company.
“My wife is a CEO of Lone Rock Construction so that company which the Post accused us of owning is not our company,” he said.
He said Elgrezad belong to Grem Newa and that he and his wife do not know the other companies listed by the Post Newspaper.
His wife also complained about the arbitrary cancellation of contracts being undertaken on her company.
Mwamba wondered why the information was not “leaked” and published before his brother resigned.
‘We don’t understand why they are bringing out these issues today because when my brother was still Minister of Defence, they didn’t want to bring them out,” he said.
He said this clearly shows malice because the information was only from one department of the Ministry and he was aware of the people behind it and would soon expose them as well.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Mwamba said most Ministers were using the president’s name to get contracts illegally.
She said it was not wrong for a Zambian to win a contract using the right procedure as stipulated by the Zambia Public Procurement Authority’s Act.
In my case, my company Lonerock Construction won a government tender at RDA to construct a road in Vubwe through proper channels but it was canceled by unknown people in the government, she said.
“We just received information that the contract in Vubwe had been cancelled without proper reasons,” she said.
Mwamba and his wife complained over the way they were being treated in their own country, in particular over contracts cancelled without following right procedures.
Mwamba’s wife said she had bid in about 10 other contracts out which she was not awarded any contract by the government.
“Why should the government not award a Zambian woman like me who applies through Zambia Public Procurement Authority and yet give Chinese companies,” she complained.
The Mwamba’s have since called on the general public to wake up and help fight corruption because it is being practiced in the government.
“It is the responsibility of the general public to come out and denounce corruption in the government,” she said.
She said corruption fight in the PF government was selective and not genuine because some Ministers were not being investigated for corruption.
“The law is very clear on public funds that everyone regardless of social status should adhere to it and no one should be above the law,” she said.