MMD ready for united opposition, says Siliya

The MMD has said it will do whatever it takes, even give up the presidency if that is what it will take to remove the Patriotic Front (PF) from government at the next general election.
MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya the former ruling party would want to be clear that it has a lot to offer and that it would remain open-minded on national matters.
Siliya said the MMD was in agreement with Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) national coordinator Leonard Chiti that the PF should not be allowed to continue ruling the country in the next general elections.
She said the MMD was of the feeling that Zambia must be rescued from the PF who had brought a lot of misery and suffering to the Zambians who had hoped that things were going to be better under their leadership.
Siliya said the MMD was happy to even give up the presidency if that was what it would take for the opposition to stop the PF from imparting further suffering on the people.
She said although the former ruling party was not giving up anything now, it was ready to rescue Zambians from the PF dictatorship through a united opposition.
Siliya said the MMD would soon call for meetings for all interested opposition political parties and that the former ruling party would be happy to attend meetings that would be called by the UPND, NAREP and ABZ to foster unity in the opposition.
“The MMD feels Zambia must be rescued from the PF who have bought a lot of misery to the citizens and we agree with Fr Chiti that the PF must go. MMD is happy to give up the presidency if that is what it will take for the opposition to remove PF from imparting further misery and suffering on the Zambian people. The MMD will call meetings for all the interested opposition political parties and we shall attend any meeting that would be called by the UPND, NAREP and ABZ,” Siliya said.
She said Zambians wanted a combined opposition and the MMD as a pioneer of democracy did not wish to see democracy lost as a result of the dictatorship the PF had adopted as a mode of governing the country.
The MMD has called on the Civil Society Organisations, the church, youths and women to refuse to lose their freedoms and fight that their voices should continue being heard on the constitution, irresponsible borrowing and many other governance issues.
Siliya said it took the MMD 14 years to repay the UNIP $7 billion debt and the PF had taken the country on the path back to the dark days of brutal politics and un-repayable debt.
She said real power was in the hands of the people and that the MMD had heard the cries of the people and would therefore wish to work all opposition political parties to remove the PF from government in the next general elections.

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2 Responses to “MMD ready for united opposition, says Siliya”

  1. Mwenyekiti says:

    Now that is what we call unity of purpose!!! Well done mmd and now we call upon other opposition parties to follow suit. Our country is in need of liberation and this unity is the recipe.

  2. John says:

    Of all people Lucky Mulusa is attacking fellow opposition party, UPND over his being approached to stand on its ticket in the coming by-election. Is there anything wrong with that? For once he has reasoned like our current PF leaders. I don’t understand why he can’t understand it, as a critical thinker that the MMD can never come back to power unless a serious miracle (not just ordinary) happened because it has excess baggage of misrule legacy during the 20 years it was in power. MMD leaders who are still in leadership today (some off course have since died) had lost touch with reality and they were just as bad as the current PF leaders. Maybe he was still young then during the times of the flamboyant Dora Siliya, Shikapwasha, George Kunda, George Mpombo, Tetamashimba, etc. It is very easy for the PF to challenge the MMD because memories are still fresh among the masses. We are not sympathetic to RB because he did nothing wrong but because the PF leaders are doing exactly what the MMD guys were doing and even much worse in terms of corruption and being drunk with power and then prosecuting their predecessors. RB is better (lesser evil) when you compare him with Sata, but he was a very bad leader too and was very drunk with power. Therefore it is only wise for the UPND to approach a high calibre young man like Lucky Mulusa to join a party that stands a chance to take over government. Dora Siliya is right to say the MMD is prepared to give up the presidency of the pact. But I just wonder why this has come at a time when Nevers Mumba is quite (Hope he’s not been appointed). For now opposition parties should just form a loose alliance to each of them go flat out campaigning to have a proper base and then officially make an alliance to go into election together just before 2016. You never know who has been bought by who.


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