Arrogance will cost PF in 2016

The arrogance that is being exhibited by the Patriotic Front (PF) is unprecedented and it is most likely that such uncalled for attitude will cost the ruling party the 2016 general elections,” MMD acting president Michael Kaingu has said.
Dr Kaingu said Zambians have also experienced the worst forms of political intolerance since the PF formed government and that the intra-party extremism was now being extended to the nation where citizens were being harassed by ruling party youths at will.
Dr Kaingu said the PF cadres were publicly bragging about their violent activities and the police had deliberately turned a deaf ear to their activities because the country was experiencing a complete breakdown of the law.
He said it was worrying that PF cadres were openly wearing military uniform and bragging that they were sponsored to carry out violent activities against any citizen with divergent views.
Dr Kaingu who is the MMD vice-president for political affairs told the Daily Nation that his party had lost the 2011 general elections purely because of arrogance and the corruption perception from the citizens and that it was unfortunate that the PF had adopted the same attitude the people detested.
He wondered why police had not moved in to arrest the PF cadre who appeared on Muvi TV wearing military uniform and boasted that he had been sponsored to beat up members of the civil society and the clergy who had gathered at BIGOCA to pray that subsidies should not be removed.
Dr Kaingu stated that he never thought he could live to see the day when the country would degenerate to such levels of lawlessness and hoped that Zambians were seeing the mistakes the PF was making and would be ready to correct them in 2016 by voting them out of power.He said it was not surprising that judiciary personnel such as Magistrates were now recusing themselves from presiding over PF violence related cases because they were being threatened by the perpetrators of violence.
Dr Kaingu explained that the danger of breaking the Judiciary which was the custodian of law and order was that a country would easily become ungovernable as there would be no rule of law and order.