GBM is ours – Bemba chiefs

The Bemba Royal Establishment has vowed that it will stand and protect former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba because he has proved his undivided loyalty to his family by resigning from government for the sake of peace in the chiefdom.
The Bemba Royal Establishment has said Mwamba popularly known as GBM had set a precedence that no political job was worth sacrificing family values for and should therefore be respected for his principled decision.
Bemba Royal Establishment representative for late Chitimukulu Mutale Chitampankwa, Kombe Mulenga, said that Mwamba sacrificed for his people and there is no way the chiefdom could abandon him.
Mulenga called on Bembas to have respect for Mwamba saying the Kasama Parliamentarian had exhibited rare traditional characteristics by leaving his lucrative political job for the respect of traditional values.
Mulenga said that Mwamba’s resignation from the government was a pride to the Bembas and that his decision to leave a prestigious ministerial job was extraordinary.
He said that those agitating for the expulsion of Mwamba from the Patriotic Front (PF) were not sincere because GBM was a genuine member of the ruling party and that his contribution to the party could not be doubted.
Mulenga said it was malicious for some sections of society to begin fishing for cases against the former Defence Minister after he had left government.He said Mwamba had not committed a crime by resigning unless the PF government had criminalised the freedom of leaving a job if one was not happy.Mulenga said that allegations of disrespect leveled against Mwamba were nothing but malicious attempts to scandalize the Kasama MP who since his resignation has suffered from harassment, slander and political persecution from his own party.He said that the people of Kasama do not have any hate for Mwamba because he had contributed a lot to the development of the area.He challenged the PF officials who have been calling for the suspension of GBM to point at what they had done for the people in their respective areas.

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