Kabimba tribunal will expose Sata-Fr Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has written President Michael Sata cautioning him that a Tribunal established to investigate Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for breach of oath of secrecy and abuse of authority would expose his (Sata’s) failure to discipline his party secretary general for various transgressions.
And the Tribunal to investigate Kabimba begins its sitting today at the Supreme Court.
In a letter dated January 18, 2014 to President Sata, Fr Bwalya cautioned that the Head of State failed to uphold the oath of secrecy and prevent Kabimba from abusing his authority by failing to reprimand him after he had written a letter to Patriotic Front (PF) lawyers to whom he had forwarded a government legal opinion.
Kabimba’s letter which was written on the PF letterhead and copied to President Sata and the Acting Chief Justice was seeking to influence the judiciary over the nullification of three parliamentary seats for Dora Siliya for Petauke Central, Maxwell Mwale for Malambo and Hastings Sililo for Mulobezi constituencies respectively.
Fr Bwalya said that President Sata had chosen to turn a blind eye when Kabimba who is PF secretary general was breaching the oath of secrecy and abusing his authority to promote partisan interests when he converted a government legal opinion to private use at the expense of the common good.
He said President Sata had failed to do the right thing regarding the breach of the oath of secrecy and abuse of authority and that there was a possibility that the Judge Evans Hamaundu Tribunal would expose the Head of State as the main culprit in the saga.
He stated that the conduct that had landed Kabimba into trouble was well known to President Sata but that the Head of State had chosen not to take action against his Justice Minister.“I write this letter to open your eyes and help you realize that the Judge Evans Hamaundu Tribunal set up to investigate Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba is actually a tribunal to expose your failure to do the right thing regarding the case of breach of oath of secrecy and abuse of authority by your beloved Minister. The conduct that has landed your Minister who is also your party secretary general in trouble was known to you and yet you chose not to discipline him. You decided to turn a blind eye to Kabimba’s action which was aimed at influencing the judiciary in favour of your party (PF) to promote partisan interests at the expense of vital common good,” Fr Bwalya said.Fr Bwalya observed that the creation of Judge Hamaundu Tribunal to investigate Kabimba was totally unnecessary and a shameful waste of tax payers’ money.He explained that the money that would be spent on a Tribunal could have been used for sensible projects to address the needs of the majority of the suffering Zambians.Fr Bwalya said it was saddening that Zambians were being made to pay for what he termed a needless Tribunal because of lack of visionary leadership on the part of President Sata.
Fr Bwalya reminded President Sata that when two of his deputy Ministers, Ronald Chitotela and Rogers Mwewa as deputy Ministers of Labour and Agriculture respectively were named in the Auditor General’s report for corrupt conduct he acted swiftly and dismissed them.“Why have you failed to act in the same swift way to fire Kabimba or at least send him on forced leave? What is it that makes Kabimba so special to you that you should even sacrifice the integrity of the judiciary?” Fr Bwalya wondered.Fr Bwalya said Zambians were disappointed with the double standards being exhibited by President Sata and the PF government.