Mpezeni complains over fertiliser

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province has appealed to government to hasten the distribution of farming inputs under the Farmer Input support programme (FISP).
Paramount Chief Mpezeni said the delay in the distribution of the inputs had caused panic among farmers who did not know when they would receive the agro requirements.
He told ZANIS in an interview that farmers needed to start applying fertilisers to their fields as the rains had intensified and time for the application of fertilizer was due.
The chief stated that if they did not apply the fertilisers in good time, crop growth would be affected and result in hunger in many communities.
However, Paramount Chief Mpezeni has commended government for the various developments being undertaken in the province.
The Paramount Chief cited the construction of roads, schools and health facilities as some of the projects that will improve the live people in rural areas. He said this had helped reduce the suffering of the people who he said were left behind in terms of development.- ZANIS