United opposition progressive idea says Chipimo

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has described calls by MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya for a united opposition as progressive and encouraging.
NAREP president Elias Chipimo said Siliya’s statement that the MMD was ready to give up even the presidency if that was what it would take to unite the opposition and remove the PF from power, was the new way of progressive politics devoid of personal interests.
Chipimo told the Daily Nation that it was important for political parties thinking of working together to accept that they would not be the one that would carry the presidency in an alliance.
He said if the opposition political party had to successfully unite and begin working together, they would have to chart a common agenda of serving Zambians and not to think of sharing positions.
He said it was important for political party leaders to meet and discuss how best they would work together because alliances that lacked trust and honesty often do not last.
Chipimo however said while he welcomed Siliya call for the opposition political parties’ leaders to unite, he did not know whetehr that was the official position of the MMD.
“We welcome the approach by Siliya that there is need for the opposition political parties to unite and work together to save the country from the dictatorial traits of the Patriotic Front. If the MMD is ready to give up the presidency, that is the new way of thinking about a united opposition. It is important that all political parties to accept that it may not be the one who would carry the presidency.
The key in this must be unity and it is encouraging that we have such kind of progressive thoughts coming from Siliya,” Chipimo said.
On Friday, Siliya who is former Petauke Central Member of Parliament said the MMD would do whatever it takes, even give up the presidency if that was what would take to remove the PF from government at the next general elections.