Where is Zambian Airways case?

The Judiciary has been challenged to exhibit transparency and expediency in the matter concerning the Development Bank of Zambia vs Zambian Airways, a case that has been sent back to the High Court for retrial.
Civil rights activist Brebner Changala and Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali noted that it has been well over a month since the Supreme Court Judgment that demanded a retrial of the case at the High Court was passed but that no action had thus far been taken on the matter.
They duo wondered why it was taking so long to begin proceedings in the matter and that this would impede many with intentions to follow proceedings and wishing to join the case.
There are many parties who are interested in joining the court proceedings to ensure that DBZ was paid back the public funds owed by the defunct Zambian Airways’ directors.
Changala said as a matter of national interest, the Judiciary should make public particulars of the processes to be undertaken and the Judge(s) to be assigned.
“Can the High Court update the nation on the processes about the DBZ case sent for retrial as it was a matter of national interest?
We expect the matter be allocated to a Judge as soon as possible so that other parties interested in the case could commence their applications to join in.
There are many parties interested in the case and they would like to know where the matter is and how far the proceedings have gone,” he said.
He said the Bank should also make public its position with regards to the Ministry of Finance after the government’s earlier application to have the matter withdrawn from the courts.
And Tayali said it was about time the matter was allocated and proceedings lined up for a retrial in the High Court.
Tayali explained that as it was, the situation was still unclear as to whether there was a new Judge-in-charge appointed to handle the matter since the current in-charge at the Commercial Courts, Judge Albert Wood was party to the matter.
He explained that there was no information to indicate where the matter was at the moment as the Judge-in-charge at the Commercial Courts Judge Wood could not handle the case and yet the Supreme Courts had already sent the case to the lower court.Tayali has since called for transparency in the process to allow for interested parties follow the proceedings.

One thought on “Where is Zambian Airways case?

  1. The senior members of the Judiciary have to realise and take into that their profession in the field of Law is a life-time pastime. If they choose to soil their legal brains with the current confusion growing like weeds in the Judiciary then we may kindly advise them that a drop of rain which lands at the source of the Zambezi will soon end up in the Indian Ocean.

    The current season of confusion is bound to dissipate during the decisive period of 2014 to 2016. If any members of the Judiciary own a Legal Firm, then they will discover that they will be fishing for clients from the arid deserts. They are nurturing a gleam future for themselves.

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