MMD demand for Kabimba’s resignation

The opposition MMD has demanded for the immediate resignation of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to give space for the tribunal to probe his alleged abuse of office freely and independently.
Party president Nevers Mumba said Kabimba must resign otherwise his actions would set a very bad precedent by a government that loudly boasted of reinstating the abuse of office clause in the Zambian law books.
“Honourable Kabimba demanded the resignation of Honourable Siliya when a tribunal was set up against her on the basis that she would either interfere as a Minster or that the members of the tribunal would not sufficiently feel protected from the state to make an independent decision. “Mr Kabimba is fond of saying, “What is good for the Goose is also good for the Gander.” If he is not man enough to relinquish his position, it is our demand that President Sata immediately removes him from Cabinet until he is either cleared or found guilty. There is no compromise here,” he said.
And Mumba has demanded for the immediate release of the draft constitution, a clear legal protection of the process and a Referendum Technical Committee to be established immediately.
He said the stance taken by the consortium of Civil Society and opposition parties towards the demand that the draft constitution submitted to government be immediately released to the general public was correct.
He said his party totally rejected the concern expressed by the secretary to Cabinet about referendum expenditures affecting the budget process.
“How is it that by-elections are being held every other day? We demand for a referendum by September and a new people driven constitution by October 2014,” Mumba demanded.
He said as a party the MMD would stand in support of the Oasis Forum in their quest to take these demands to all the corners of the republic.
He said the civil society and the Oasis Forum should not be intimidated by a government that had become hostile towards a people it promised a constitution.
“We wish to remind the people of Zambia that the MMD, under Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, may his soul rest in peace, was compelled and forced by civil society to enact an NCC bill so as to protect the process and prevent government from producing a white paper. In fact, the process of constitution making, failed partly because the PF took a hard line, in their support of the stance taken by the Catholic Church at the time.
“Subsequently, this led to the expelling of 22 of their members. It is treachery of the worst kind for the President to now indicate that there is no constitutional crisis and that the document will not be released unless it goes to theCabinet,” he said.
The opposition leader further charged that it was betrayal to all those who believed that President Sata would indeed deliver a people driven constitution.
Further Mumba said the intention to revive the Industrial Development Cooperation (INDECO) in the current set of economic circumstances was ill placed and anachronistic of our historical disposition. He charged that government neither had corperate governance discipline, the resources nor the skills to undertake such a large project.
He feared that this idea would end up as a vehicle which the PF would use to finance by-elections and their campaigns in 2016.