Stop antagonising traditional leaders

The Tonga Traditional Association of Zambia has urged President Michael Sata to desist from antagonising and interfering with the traditional leadership in the country, says association president Dickson Namanza.
In an interview Namanza said that his association was disappointed that President Sata has gone against his promise not to interfere with the traditional leadership by starting what he called ‘uncalled for fights’.
Namanza reminded President Sata to search himself and reflect on the many promises he made prior to the 2011 general elections where he emphasised the promotion of good governance through the recognition and appreciation of traditional leadership.
“As an association we feel President Sata should seriously reflect on the happenings in the country with respect to our traditional set up. The happenings in Kasama in Bemba land, is a worrying situation and we implore the President to re-think the matter and do the right thing. Traditional matters must be left to competent authorities to address,” said Namanza.
Namanza said that the traditional leadership was concerned about the events in Kasama and requested President Sata to sit back and look at the confusion he had created for himself, government and the people of Kasama.
He said that politicians should always strive to refrain from interfering with matters that involve chiefs because they compromise their leadership.
Namanza observed that since the PF formed government, there has been issues over the manner the president has conducted himself towards chiefs.
“At some point some chiefs in Eastern Province and Southern Province were threatened with revocation of their recognition and that did not augur well with the traditional leadership in this country. It was a sad day for the traditional set up in this country.
It is this reason why we feel that the PF should slow down on these issues. We appeal to the President to slow down and re-look at these issues, and bear in mind that chiefs are not elected like politicians. He must know this thing from today,” said Namanza.
President Sata has entangled himself in a fight with Bashilubemba of Northern Province over their choice of the next Chitimukulu.