Adopt ‘leaked’ draft constitution

The PF government should just adopt the ‘leaked’ draft constitution being circulated by online media, if it has nothing else to offer to Zambians, says Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi.
Chipenzi said what government claimed to be the ‘leaked’ draft was a very good document that upheld the principles of democracy including issues of transparency.
“Let them not waste any more money and time in trying to come up with another document as has been purported in the media after the ‘leak’ of the draft,” he said
He said the leaked document was in line with the people’s aspirations and what was submitted during the district, provincial and national conventions.
Chipenzi said government should not complain about the leakage of the draft constitution because they had created a fertile ground for leakages at the documented by refusing to release it to the public.
He said too much time was spent on drafting the constitution and questioned why government had kept it under lock and key despite the apprehension created among the people.
“The ground was fertile for leakages, it made it very possible especially after all the time the people have been waiting, and then to be told that only a few copies would be printed for the executive,” he said.
He said government should in fact avoid further delays in releasing the final draft constitution to the public.
And Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) Lusaka Youth Chairman Lonely Tatila has urged government to officially release the draft constitution and set the dates for a national referendum for the adoption of the constitution.
Tatila said it was unfortunate that the PF government was heading the direction of the former ruling MMD because it has stopped listening to the people.
President Michael Sata should not take the people of Zambia for granted by seemingly wanting to be closer to them through facebook, when he was only trying to win sympathy votes on matters of public interest.
He said the people were tired of the PF leadership which was busy mopping the pockets of the poor for their selfish gain.
“We want our constitution, and we want it now. We have spent too much money on the constitution and there should be no option but a new constitution,” Tatila said.
The PF government has spent over K100 million on the current constitution making process, which it has now refused to release to the Zambian people.