Pule attacks PF over Constitution

The PF government has not only failed to deliver the promised people driven constitution but is actually frustrating the constitution making process, says Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Dr. Dan Pule.
Pule said his party intended to join forces with other opposition political parties, the church and the civil society to campaign for a people driven constitution to be adopted through a referendum.
Pule said it is disappointing and unacceptable that after more than two years of being in government the PF government has failed to deliver the promised people driven constitution.
“We wish to remind the PF government that it was voted into power on the promises they had made to Zambians,” he said.
He said that his party had observed with regret the level of intolerance the government was showing to opposition political parties, free thinking journalists and the civil society whose leaders have been arrested by police on politically trumped up charges.
“The PF government must be made aware that when the people of Zambia rose to fight for the return of democracy in 1991, they meant what they said and no one will take us backwards,” he said.
Pule observed that the country was quickly becoming a police state in which Zambians are being suppressed.
He said the PF government must accept criticism whenever they went wrong.
“I remember in 2005 when Mr. Sata, leader of the opposition PF, was arrested and locked up by police in Chimbokaila remand prison his appeal through me when I visited him in prison was to unite the opposition to speak with one voice. He said “today it is me tomorrow it may be you or Edith Nawakwi” said Pule.
He also observed that the cost of living in the country was high because the PF government was going exactly in the opposite direction especially after the removal of subsides on fuel.
“Bus fares and mealie meal prices have gone up by as much as 40 per cent in some cases (costing as much as K85 per 25Kg),” he said.
He said the poor person is now the one suffering because there was certainly less money in people’s pocket.
The CDP president said his party was unreservedly opposed to the creation of the Industrial Development Corporation because it was retrogressive, unnecessary and a waste of national resources.
He said the late distribution of fertilizer by the PF government demonstrated the incompetence of its leadership and as a result the country should expect poor maize harvest this year which will result in the higher cost of mealie meal and consequently increase hunger and suffering of the people.