Wynter apologises for insults

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was yesterday forced to apologise for his verbal attacks against former Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa.
On Tuesday, Kabimba publicly slandered and defamed Mulusa when he was under cross examination during his continued probe for breach of oath of secrecy and abuse of authority by Judge Evans Hamaundu led Tribunal.
The tribunal recalled Kabimba to the stand following complaints that Judge Hamaundu sitting with High Court Judges Gertrude Chawatama and Justine Chashi had allowed Kabimba to consistently verbally abuse Mulusa by branding him a corrupt person who should have been jailed.
But yesterday, Kabimba was forced to apologise to Mulusa for his uncalled for slander and defamatory statements after the former Solwezi Central MP complained to the tribunal over the conduct of the Justice Minister.
But after rendering the apology, the obviously unremorseful Kabimba in his usual disrespectful manner said he was withdrawing part of his testimony that had contained his unpalatable language but went on to threaten Mulusa with unspecified consequences charging that he (Kabimba) was going to deal with Mulusa at an appropriate time.
“Mr Chairman and members of the tribunal, I wish to withdraw that part of my testimony where I had referred to Mulusa as corrupt. We will deal with Mulusa at an appropriate time,” Kabimba said before stepping down from the dock.
Soon after the apology Judge Hamaundu said the disparaging remarks by Kabimba should be expunged from the record.
And Mulusa when asked after the tribunal was adjourned to today about Kabimba’s threats said he did not know what the Justice Minister was planning and what the threats meant.
“He just said he was going to deal with me at an appropriate time and I do not know what he is planning to do with me,” Mulusa said.
Kabimba who is Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general in most of his testimonies kept on referring to Mulusa and former Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya as corrupt, and that they should never be allowed to re-contest their seats.
Kabimba said Mulusa should never have petitioned the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to constitute a tribunal to investigate him because his (Mulusa’s) election had been nullified on allegations of electoral corruption.
Kabimba who claimed that his party was working at cleansing the electoral process of corruption said people like Mulusa, Siliya, Mwawell Mwale of Malambo and Hastings Sililo of the UPND should never be allowed to re-contest their parliamentary seats because according him, the Supreme Court had convicted them.
Kabimba on Tuesday publicly thanked Judge Evans Hamaundu for protecting him from comprehensive cross examination by petitioners’ lawyers Makebi Zulu and Keith Mweemba. “Thank you Mr chairman for protecting me,”

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  1. kabimba is sick therefore he is not fit to be a minister.His brain has a short circuit. to fix him he needs some brown diods to be replaced.

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