Wynter thanks Judge Hamaundu for protection

Brebner Changala, one of the petitioners in the kabimba tribunal has given notice of his intention to withdraw from the inquiry for what he termed as a hostile environment against lawyers representing the petitioners.
As if to prove a point, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba yesterday publicly thanked Judge Evans Hamaundu for protecting him during the period he was under cross examination from lawyers representing Lucky Mulusa and Changala.
“Thank you chairman for protecting me,” Kabimba said as he was leaving the dock much to the surprise of the petitioners and lawyers.
Judge Hamaundu kept on interjecting in the cross examination line by Makebi Zulu and Keith Mweemba and at one point he threatened to curtail the cross examination process a conduct that has riled Changala forcing him to complain about the obvious bias.
Earlier during the hearing Changala charged that the conduct of Judge Hamaundu had created a perception that the outcome of the Tribunal was predetermined.
He told the Daily Nation that Judge Hamaundu had exhibited a lot of hostility towards the lawyers representing the petitioners adding that the chairman of the Tribunal was acting like he had already determined the results of the inquiry.
Changala said he had attended the Dora Siliya tribunal and never saw the kind of hostility from the chairman of the inquiry then.
“This is an inquiry but the kind of hostility the chairman has exhibited towards the lawyers representing the petitioners has created a perception that the outcome of the Tribunal is predetermined. If Judge Hamaundu is stage-managing the Tribunal let him tell us so that we can go home and rest instead of wasting time,” Changala said.