Hot air politics

Our political parties are a major let down.
They raise high expectation and shatter them without as much as an apology. The cardless Patriotic Front promised the people of Zambia heaven; money and jobs. So far the only jobs are those awarded to friends, relatives and cronies in public service and the temporary menial tasks building roads around poverty and squalor.
And the more money in pockets, is only going into the pockets of “Tenderprenuers” who are manipulating the massive infrastructure fraud programme.
Our opposition parties that should be providing oversight are a disparate and motley ensemble with an insular existence totally unrelated to the realities of the day.
Instead of providing a united front or at least championing some of the country’s more pressing matters our parties have become gullible institutions that swallow hook, line and sinker propaganda, intended to promote their differences and thereby perpetuate mediocrity and downright criminality.
In the end it is public spirited Zambians that have taken up the gauntlet to expose and fight Government excesses and abuse of power. They are doing so at great cost, because they believe in a cause.
It is the likes of Chilufya Tayali of Zambian Voice who almost singlehandedly joined in the Development Bank of Zambia debacle where the people of Zambia were set to lose more than K18billion. Not a single party showed any interest or solidarity in the matter.
It is the likes of former Solwezi MP Lucky Mulusa who sponsored five of the nine private members motions in Parliament, who are then singularly targeted by the system.
It is the joint effort of Mulusa and activists Brebner Changala that has brought about the Wynter Kabimba abuse Tribunal.
It is Former transport minister William Harrington, taking on a hostile judiciary over the establishment of a tribunal into the alleged abuses at ZAWA.
The opposition will applaud the outcome of these efforts, after the fact.
We have repeatedly pronounced the by election as an unprecedented corrupt and grave abuse of power never experienced anywhere else in the World. Nowhere else in the World has a ruling party so cynically sought to change its fortunes by engaging the Judiciary, and our politicians have allowed this to happen.
As a result Judges whose role is to interpret the law find themselves embroiled in a Police process and campaign that abuses the process. It is obvious from results that the Patriotic Front has found a winning formula. With the help of Government resources they have been able to fashion cases technically in a compelling manner for the courts. Naturally the facts are doctored and the outcomes predictable.
In short the PF has found the winning formula in court, not with the electorate.
In South Africa, Hellen Zille of the opposition Democrat Party DA would not have allowed the President to dismiss the Director General of the Anti Corruption Commission outside the law as was the case here. Neither would she have allowed a man like Mutembo Nchito to serve as Director of Public Prosecution(DPP).
The challenge before a joint opposition onslaught is our judiciary leadership, criminal justice leadership, politicization of police, abuse of the Drug Enforcement Commission and rejuvenation of Anti-Corruption Commission and of the law enforcement agencies must be tackled urgently to create a level playing field in which the rule of law was upheld.
Instead of challenging this abuse of power, our opposition would rather duel over the nonexistent alliance or pact debate. They are so gullible as to swallow media bait, hook line and sinker.

2 thoughts on “Hot air politics

  1. The problem of our opposition political party leaders is that they are filled with so much fear that they fail to voice out on their own unless with the back up of voters.
    however the more money in your pocket slogan was turned into no money in your pocket!
    job creation:so far only political jobs have been created and most civil jobs have been destroyed.

  2. We have a useless bunch of opposition lawmakers who behave as though they were all PF fearing to be fired should they perform what they were rightly elected for! Truly were it not for the likes of Lucky Mulusa there would have been nothing to talk about having awake opposition members in parliament. I hope the electorate are learning from the choices they sent to parliament………… Let’s open our eyes!

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