PF arrogance shocks Catholics

The Catholic Church has warned the PF government against intimidating citizens using state security institutions, including the police.
They have also deplored the abuse and biased application of the Public Order Act by the Police.
Speaking on behalf of all the Catholic Bishops from the 10 provinces of Zambia at the end of their annual Bishop’s Conference at Kapingila house yesterday, Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) president Archbishop Ignatius Chama noted with deep concern that the strides Zambia made were negated and eroded by governance arrogance of the ‘know it all’ type, and that there was a lack of humility among some of the leaders and that this had led to lack of stakeholder consultation when making decisions on key policy matters.
The ZEC has also demanded that the constitution making process should be put back on track as this would give Zambians a chance to resolve problems inherent in our governance processes such as elections.
“We further lament the vast sums of money that have gone and continue to go into holding of by-elections. These funds could have given Zambians many schools and hospitals. We appeal to the whole country to seriously reflect on how best unnecessary by-elections can be avoided. We are aware that this is worsened by the stalled constitution making process that could have provided legal limitations to by-elections,” he said.
Archbishop Chama who is Kasama Archbishop advised government to take the necessary steps that would move the process forward as demanded by the people of Zambia.
“We cannot go the way of the Inquiries Act, whereby the President and his cabinet sit to cherry-pick what they think should be in the constitution. We have been down this route before where respective ruling parties have desired that the constitution be made in their party’s image and likeness. This has always not worked and it will not work even now.
“The people of Zambia are demanding nothing less than a constitution given to themselves by themselves. The final draft Constitution prepared by the Justice Silungwe technical committee should without further delay be released to the public and other stakeholders, consistent with the roadmap announced by the Constitution Technical Committee at the commencement of its mandate. The people have spoken many times over the years and even now; they want the constitution adopted through a referendum, VoxPopuli, Voxdei,-the voice of the people is the voice of God,” he said.
He said as ZEC they rejected the excuse of expenses given the fact that the country had lost huge amounts of money in the botched processes of the past.
Archbishop Chama said the police service in particular should be professional and impartial in carrying out their duties of maintaining law and order and that too many of the nation’s resources and time were wasted on politicking at the expense of real development.
“This culture must change for the better,” he warned.
The Archbishop said the Church noted that the political environment in Zambia today was characterised by manipulation, patronage and intimidation of perceived government opponents.
“Why is it that those who try to question certain practices are treated with scorn and humiliation? These are manoeuvres meant to intimidate people from participating in their own affairs and providing checks and balances in the governance of this country.

2 thoughts on “PF arrogance shocks Catholics

  1. Hw long wil a nation make its rules and has been long hearing stories about constitution making process.does it take the whole term to make the constitution?


    Iam a concerned citizen that when ever other interested citizens, groups of people, associations speak about some wrong things the current Government is doing which they wanted perfected they called names. Its a high time the PF government started taking advise and advice.
    What ZEC has stated is very correct. PF must remember that the church gave them alot of support to be where they are to day. So respect their timely warning.
    Coming to President HH advise. The State/Government should not paint HH black but should analyse his economic comments and evaluate the points he is educating the government about. The PF government must understand alot of Zambians are educated and we really under stand the queen’s language / English very much. So we should not be lectured that the economy is okay when we know that the Kwacha is ever loosing value. K5 600+ is un acceptable.What this means is that the buying power is not there. reflect the same period in the days of the Late Levy and the recent past president RB. You will see that the trend needs to be arrested/ cured.IMF has already sounded the warning on debts build up. So what is wrong with HH truthful advise.
    The PF government should ask themselves as to why Madam Nawikwi and JR. Chipimo are no longer in supporting them. Its because the two leaders have come to senses that PF has lost the direction on the way on how to prudently run our mother country Zambia.On Agriculture.
    Its a pity that the government wants to detect mealie meal prices but the government is gorgetting that they have told farmers that they belong to the private sector. so why wanting to control their products when subsidies have been withdrawn and yet themselves are still being subsidieed in their services.
    The Public Order Act must also be looked into. Opposition political parties need the same freedom PF used to enjoy when PF was in opposition.So we as Zambians deserve the respect we had previously enjoyed.
    Let me take this opportunity to appeal to the President His exellence MCS to urgently:
    1. Look into the problem of roads in Chingola. What crime has
    Chingola people done that we have been neglected like this.
    2. Look into the feed roads leading to Chiefteness Waitwika . The
    fead road from Katongo to the palace and beyond and the other
    feed road from Tambala off Mbala road connecting to the palace
    are all very bad
    3. Nakonde – Mbala road needs great quick attention now as the road
    has become impassable . What we are reading in newpapers and
    seeing TV is totally different on the ground.
    4. The new planned boarding Secondary school project at Waitwika
    located 1.5km from the palace as you go to Malangwa village and
    approximately 9Km off Great north road has been completely
    abandoned ever since Mr. Jason Kasinde Sinkamba who was
    spearheading this project passed away in in April, 2011.
    I trust that through your esteemed Office . You can instruct the area MP of Nakonde to fully up date you on this project.Since 2011 the school has been on foundation level this is some thing un acceptable especially when we are are trying to meet the set goals on the girl child MDG.
    Iam available to take the two areas MPs on the tour of roads in the areas I have mentioned herein.
    Greetings to all peace loving Zambians.

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